Correct fasting days for weight loss

The fasting days for many be a real "lifesaver", which is able to quickly get rid of a few extra pounds. Dietitians did not mind this weight loss, but it should be done properly according to certain rules. It is important to understand that they cannot lose weight through fasting days is impossible, but as the fast recovery of the silhouette of a figure they fit optimally.

The use of fasting days for weight loss

fasting days

Many believe that quick weight loss is harmful to health, but nutritionists have a slightly different opinion. There are several factors that prove the benefits of fasting days:

  • human body gets rid of all unnecessary ballast – toxins, wastes, liquid;
  • the digestive system gets a chance to "rest" – in fasting days isn't getting enough food, it is not high in calories, which means that the organs work in Lite mode;
  • able to lose 1 — 3 kg, and in some cases this mass is critical, for example, when I can't close my favorite jeans or dress.

In addition, periodic fasting days are training willpower. If you have the patience to give up sweets and fried pies at 1 to 2 days, then you can already consider yourself a winner. This means that it will be possible to restrict the diet for a longer time.

Fasting days – this is a great option for those who have a small amount of excess weight. If such weight loss performed regularly, not less often than 1 time in 10 to 15 days, you will be able to fix the result, and the weight is stable.

Recommendations for

The considered method of weight loss was useful and gave positive results, you need to follow a few guidelines. They are given by dietitians, therefore, deserve attention:

  • Menu handling of the day is chosen individually. Options are actually very a lot, so will need to find the optimum by experimental means.
  • It is advisable to carry out similar weight loss in those days when there is no physical exercise and mental work. But you cannot allow yourself to just relax lying in front of the TV or computer – it will increase appetite, exacerbate hunger, and will either have to suffer from discomfort, or interrupt the fasting day.
  • A great option is fasting day outside the home and own fridge. It would be nice to go on trips, walk in the Park or to visit friends.
  • These days you need to consume plenty of liquid, one and a half liters is not enough. You must drink at least 2 liters of pure water, mineral. It is impossible to replace with fruit drinks, tea or coffee.
  • In the morning you can drink on an empty stomach 10 ml of vegetable oil. This will help "start" the job of the gallbladder, but only in case if there is no pathology of the liver, bile ducts and bladder.
  • In the evening in the fasting days is to visit the bath or sauna, get a massage. This will enhance the slimming effect and restore the psycho-emotional background. The procedure can be combined with skin care face and body.
  • You should spend 2 days, but every week 3 — 5 in a row and once a month, so the effect will be better. During pregnancy, during breast-feeding and any pathological conditions such extra weight loss is strictly prohibited.

And another tip: after finishing the fasting days do not need to throw food. With this diet you can "earn" yourself a gastritis or stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer.

What are the options and menus

For handling the day to use different menu options. It is important to adhere to the daily dosage.

Kefir discharge day

It transferred very easily, there are lots of benefits of this fermented milk drink extra weight loss:

  • perfectly absorbed by the body;
  • is a complete colon cleanse;
  • no sense of hunger.

Unfortunately, there have kefir handling of the day and disadvantages: dairy products are not suitable for everyone and this can result weight loss increased flatulence and stomach discomfort.

To correctly carry out the fasting days should observance of the daily dose – half a litre of low-fat dairy product, divided into 5 — 6 times. Do not drink too fresh product, it may cause diarrhea. But three days of kefir will be slightly harmful (bloating, belching).

Extra weight loss meat

menus for weight loss

For many meat fasting days – something extreme. But even dietitians confirm their effectiveness:

  • hard produced enzymes that break down fats;
  • replenish the body reserves of protein and iron;
  • accelerates metabolism (metabolic processes).

And the biggest benefit of a meat unloading – an absolute lack of hunger. The only thing to remember is that such weight loss is contraindicated in people with known abnormalities of the kidneys, liver and blood vessels.

Apple day

This is perhaps the most popular option:

  • allows for 2 days to get rid of 3 kg of excess weight;
  • does not provoke the feeling of hunger;
  • is a complete bowel cleansing.

To conduct to lose weight we need half a kilogram of apples divided into 5 meals a day. It turns out that for one meal have a maximum of 300 g of fruit. For effective weight loss to choose green and savoury apples.

  • the ever-present feeling of hunger;
  • you may receive a severe weakness, even dizziness;
  • most people are pain in the stomach.

Apples you can substitute unsweetened pears.

Cucumber fasting day

Per day should eat 2 kg of fresh vegetables without salt, divide this number into 4 — 5 receptions. This weight loss is akin to the transition to the water, but more gentle in the cucumber contains a lot of fiber, which cleans the intestine and reduces the appetite due to the long digestion. Addition to vegetables can be black tea or coffee without sugar.

Hold cucumber fasting days better in a time when there are no physical/mental stress, there is no need to leave home because of the violation of the chair, diarrhea.

The most difficult option – liquid discharge, when during the day you can have only 800 ml of broth hips or dried fruit compote. These drinks can be replaced by vegetable and fruit juices, but the latter will need to be diluted with water in a ratio of 3:1, respectively.

How to arrange the correct day

So after fasting day was a positive results, you need to follow the following rules:

  • On unloading, it is important to eat often – at least 5 times a day, preferably 6. So the body will not have time very hungry, will be able to avoid suffering and gastronomic failures.
  • Don't need instead of food to use the liquid, let the daily number of will stay within a half to two liters. This rule doesn't work in the hottest time of the year, there can be no restrictions, otherwise it may develop dehydration.
  • The food in the fasting days should not be salted, seasoned with spices or sauces. All these components increase the appetite, while very limited diet such undesirable.
  • You can eat dishes steamed in the convection oven or boiled. You should completely avoid fried foods.
  • After the discharge of the day is to eat something sweet, caloric – effect of weight loss will not do.

Is it possible to get rid of stomach through fasting days

Visually after unloading figure shrinks and becomes less noticeable even stomach. But in fact, so "works" excretion of excess fluid, when it is just swelling disappear. Dietitians are sure to get rid of belly for 1 — 2 days is impossible! To obtain such a result will have to observe complete low-calorie diet and exercise.