How to choose a latex corset for weight loss?

Latex corset help in the short term to a very sexy silhouette and a thin waist. Anyway, so say not only manufacturers, but also many Western stars. To use this corset can also for quick tensis of the abdomen after childbirth and support weak back muscles.

latex corset

Thanks to the "sauna effect" created by a product from the body leaving not only excessive moisture, but also toxins.

What is a latex corset?

Tensis corset for the waist and abdomen began to be used centuries ago. However, wear them once was one thing – this product is too expressum internal organs and mercilessly infricetur the skin. Manufacturers have taken this fact and created a product made of latex (material created on the basis of the stringy SAP of the Brazilian rubber trees). The inner part of the corset (lining) is made from 100% natural cotton.

Latex corset absolutely does not compress the skin, however its effect is amazing. Thanks to the "sauna effect" created by a product from the body leaving not only excessive moisture, but also toxins. Long-term wearing of a corset, provided with a sufficiently rigid ribs, muscles and back are "used" to be in a certain position, and the figure changes completely.

Tip! As training latex corsets are quite popular, on sale you can often find them fake. So buy product is better on the official websites of manufacturers.


Depending on the shape of the product and its purpose, all of the corsets can be divided into the following groups:

  • female, trahit stomach and waist;
  • male: produced in dark colours, with the growth and sizes of men;
  • sports: in order to ensure that the product does not restrict movement, it is made a little softer than usual;
  • Cami corset: due to snug fit to the body better corrects posture; the movement is not shifted.

Tip! Even special medical bandages are worn for only a limited time, so don't use latex corset more than the recommended 5-6 hours a day.

Dignity "coach muscle"

the thermic effect

American and European fitness trainers noticed that even during periodic wearing of this corset:

  • due to the light in thermic effectum in the problem area, improves circulation, and over time really decreases the volume of the waist and leaves the excess weight;
  • the use of the corset during exercise significantly reduces the risk of back injuries;
  • moreover, over time, the process extended wear woman changing posture;
  • the result comes quickly enough;
  • gradually decreasing the amount of food consumed due to a small compression of the stomach.

Tip! According to producers, the daily wearing of this product will allow in a single month to reduce the waist size 3-4 cm

Health benefits

Due to the sedentary lifestyle people with the right posture and well developed muscles becoming smaller. But when excessive fat accumulation in the abdomen and low back muscles posture is disturbed. All this leads to a shift of internal organs and, as a consequence, the emergence of various diseases.

Particularly important perfect posture for women after the displacement incorrect position of the uterus in the future can significantly complicate the carrying a child.

elastic corset

Of course, straightening the back in the short term is unrealistic. It can be done only with prolonged wearing of a corset in combination with exercise. But, believe me, the result is worth it. The reward will be not only proper posture, but also perfect health. To use the product can be and prevention of diseases of the spine: due to the three-row system of buckles and nine stiffeners rigidly fixes the back.

Tip! So as not to injure the internal organs, should choose a product strictly by size. For further adjustment for weight loss you can buy latex corset of a smaller size.

Can I wear a wonder-corset under your normal clothing?

Elastic latex fit and absolutely does not restrict movement, so it can be worn under any casual or festive clothes. The only exceptions are transparent blouses or tight clothes made of silk, satin or lycra, out of which "coach" waist is still visible. But with Micah, open top and short shorts looks attractive and bright, the product will look very original.

Since this product is a corrective, it significantly changes shape, flattens the tummy, removes hanging down the sides and waist waist. In it you will look at 100%.

It is ideal for people involved in sedentary work. Forming a truly "Royal" posture, it significantly relieves the muscles and eliminates back pain.

Tip! Aliquam wearing of a corset to reduce the waist it is better to start with 2-3 hours, with a gradual transition to a 5-6-hour use. The skin need to rest, therefore its application is greater than the specified time is not recommended.

How to choose the size?

Before you purchase "coach muscle" should measure the waist at its thinnest part. The manufacturer offers 10 standard sizes from XS (61 cm) to 6XL (106 cm), from which you can choose yourself the most suitable. Since the corset has several rows of hooks, in the process of losing weight the size can be adjusted.
If when choosing the right products there are any problems, you can seek the assistance of the Manager of the official website.

Important! In order to avoid compression of the internal organs is not allowed ut viverra waist more than 15 centimeters.

Use during training

For the occurrence of the maximum effect of wearing the product it is better to combine with exercise. For reviews, latex corset helps to increase the performance of sports activities by 20-30%. Since the product is designed to not restrict movement, it is possible to run, do sit-UPS, rock press or do push-UPS.

For sports you need to buy a special corset, which is slightly softer take on a classic piece. It is much easier to move, bend and do any, even the difficult exercises. Naturally, choose the product must be strictly in size.

Tip! To engage in a new, just emit the product is undesirable. Before training it is better to slightly spread so that it is a fiat shape.

corset for women

Wearing a corset after giving birth

Unfortunately, the long-awaited birth of a child is accompanied by and not too pleasant moments. Within 9 months, the body tries to gain as much fat reserves. Muscle on stomach after pregnancy stretch and the skin droops ugly folds. If you let the recovery process to chance, with a perfect figure you can simply say goodbye.

Experts advise to use after the birth of a special attenuante fascia. But his carrying is not always comfortable – the seams often irritate the skin even in high-quality products. Bandages of this type is not designed for tensis waist. In addition, because they lack hard edges, with too much tension fabric bandage begins ad torquent.

Stretch the latex completely relieves a woman from such problems. A special fixing rib along the entire length allows the product is fixed on the body.

Tip! To fight against cellulite before using the corset is necessary to lubricate the skin with special cream.

Care of the corset

As the product will accumulate sweat, the manufacturer recommends that after each use be sure to wash the corset. This should be done only by hand in cool water. When using hot water natural latex can change its structure and ad zagrabiti.

To wash the corset can be any detergent. After washing, the product decomposed to dry on a flat surface.

Attention! Machine wash and whitening to prevent damage to the latex is strictly prohibited.