Fitness for quick weight loss: the most effective exercises

Sport is the basis for quick relief kg using fitness slimming, the girl will not be able to effectively get rid of extra inches in the waist. Diet can help in correction, but without exercise fashionista risk to get saggy skin, which in the future will be difficult to get rid of. For this reason, deciding to lose weight, the girl needs to allocate space in the schedule to visit the gym. Experts advise to sign up for group training in the chosen sport. To lose weight with like-minded people easier.

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Watching the success of others, she will be able to control myself and not break. If the gym is not enough time or money to use a fitness workout quick weight loss is possible at home. For this you will need to buy a disc that will guide and encourage the fashionista on the difficult path to a slim figure. To do the exercises independently. Today there is a whole list of types of fitness that contribute to weight loss. The choice of sport depends on the preferences of the girl. Deciding to play sports, a fashionista needs to think about food. How diet can not give 100% result without exercise and fitness is not completely effective without the correction of the daily menu. Nutrition, exercise list that you need to follow for weight loss, and frequency of training will be discussed later.

What to look for when choosing the kind of fitness?

What kind of fitness is the most effective for weight loss? This question is impossible to give a definite answer. The choice of sport training is an important component of successful weight loss. If the girl will feel uncomfortable, she quickly refuses the hated classes. For this reason, you need to choose the training that sport, which gives pleasure.

For quick weight loss effective following areas of fitness:

  • aerobics,
  • shaping,
  • plastic strip,
  • strip-dance,
  • callanetics,
  • Pilates
  • belly dance
  • exercise T-Tapp.

Ways to lose weight can not only adjust the shape, but also help to develop flexibility and improve overall health.

Please note! Choosing a method of weight loss, the girl decided to train at home, you may face problems when choosing the set of exercises. Experts recommend to begin to engage with the instructor. He can choose a set of impacts that effectively will correct the problematic areas and helps to reduce weight. In addition, a professional trainer will teach how to perform the exercises that will allow the girl to continue training independently, without fearing for their health.

Selecting the most effective fitness exercises to lose weight, you need to take attention and General training women who decided to use the gym for weight loss. Fashionista, which earlier was not engaged in sports, should not give yourself too much exercise. This can lead to health problems. You need to start with a minimum number of repetitions, gradually increasing the number of running exercises.

Start to do fitness for weight loss

exercise for weight loss

Taking the decision to start training for weight loss, the girl has to follow some rules. Their implementation will help to correct the shape and make fitness a permanent habit.

That workout brought results, you need to:

  • sports for weight loss regularly
  • to perform the exercises in training for at least 1 hour in a row
  • alternate the aerobic and strength exercises for weight loss
  • to sleep and give your body rest after doing sports,
  • visit the shower or bath after a workout for weight loss for muscle relaxation.

Experts advise to do fitness 3-4 times a week. With periodic repetition of the workouts the body will have time to get used to a certain extent loads, but he will have enough time to rest. Sports that are less frequently may not yield a proper result.

Please note! Girls who are overweight need to carefully monitor the condition during a fitness workout. The pulse should not go above 140-150 beats per minute. If the value exceeded the allowable mark, or a girl felt wrong, immediately stop the exercise. If the condition has not improved, is required to immediately consult a doctor.

A girl can carry on training fitness just aerobic exercise, but experts suggest adding to the program and weight training. It helps to strengthen muscles and accelerate weight loss. Before the beginning of classes is required to check the presence of contraindications, and to visit a specialist. The doctor will tell us exactly what kinds of fitness do not harm the health of girls.

For training you need to choose a specific time. You cannot attend fitness classes whenever you want. Systematic visits to the gym disciplinarum and reduces the likelihood that a girl will throw begun the lesson. Training should begin with warm-up. Not immediately start performing the basic exercises. It can be fraught with physical injury. Warming up before the gym will give your body to understand what lies ahead load and prepare the body for exercise.

Please note! Fitness for women should be combined with proper nutrition. However, you should not go on a strict diet. A strict power scheme will speed up weight loss, but failure will lead to a rapid set of lost pounds. it is Better to exclude from the menu all the food that nutritionists consider harmful, and eat small portions. The number of meals can be increased from 3 to 6.

Between exercises you need to take a break. However, it should not be too tighten the rest. It should not exceed 2-3 min. you should Not forget about the water balance of the body. Liquid requires all systems to normal functioning. During fitness classes, water consumption increases. The lost liquid needs to fill in a timely manner. For this reason, in training you have to carry a bottle of plain water without gas.

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Psychological aspects of fitness for weight loss

In the process of losing weight is important not only themselves, but also the attitude of girls towards them. The right approach to the sport will accelerate the correction and will lead to the fact that the exercises are a joy.

In order to overcome the reluctance to do fitness and to develop willpower, you need to follow some rules:

  • exercise in the company
  • praise yourself for achieving even minor results fitness
  • to start playing sports with a coach
  • not hope that the effect will be noticeable the next day after a workout
  • to choose the kind of fitness that will be fun.

It is better to start playing sports with a visit to group training. Seeing before him the example, the girl will actively perform the exercises. The alternative may be going to the gym with a friend. To engage in interesting, besides the chance that the fashionista will miss the next practice because of the reluctance will decrease. However, the coin has a reverse side. Training with a friend can take a lot of time talking. This will reduce the speed of weight loss. If fashionista are sure that it will be enough willpower yourself to attend classes, it is better to go to the gym alone or to study in a group with strangers.

Please note! Girl needs to set goals and praise yourself for its achievement. For example, losing 2 kg with sports, she can afford to go to see the movie, who have waited so long, or buy a new dress. You can buy clothes 1-2 sizes smaller and aim to get into it.

Don't have to push yourself to exhaustion. Sport should be fun. However, a small load will have no result. For this reason, it is better to start sessions with a trainer. He will accurately determine the amount of exercise required for weight loss. Need to set yourself up for long-term work. Fashionista shouldn't stop the fact that the weight is not reduced. We can't leave the sport halfway. Enrolling in fitness, you need to go to the end. Some time later, the girl will notice that the weight started to move downwards.

Nutrition for fitness, slimming

The girl who decided to lose weight through sport, you will need to completely rethink the diet. It should be remembered that the usual diet is not suitable Supplement for weight loss through fitness. To reduce weight through sports, you need to take care of the good functioning and health:

  • breathing
  • circulatory system
  • metabolism,
  • muscle
  • bones
  • the systems that are responsible for hormone production,
  • immunity.

In order to ensure normal operation of all systems, the girl needs to eat a complete set of nutrients and vitamins with minerals. The food must be balanced. If a girl will put herself on a strict diet and this will give exhausting physical activity, it will run yourself into the ground. To achieve beauty in such a state is impossible. For this reason, nutrition is an important component of losing weight with fitness.

The basis of diets in sports should be proteins and carbohydrates. 1 type of substance plays the role of a building material. Proteins contribute to the appearance of the muscles. If the substance is not enough, the body will start eating itself, which will lead to muscular dystrophy. Carbohydrates is the food for body and brain. While physical activity is their active consumption. When deficiencies people will feel a constant desire to lie down. This will make it impossible to further continue training. For this reason, it is important to observe the balance of substances and not to deprive the body of materials for energy production and normal functioning.

Please note! Foods that are high in fat should be avoided. It is not possible to get the body clean energy and slow down metabolism. However, to completely eliminate the food with the content of the form substances from the diet should not be. There are healthy fats that contribute to weight loss.

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Deciding to follow a special diet for fitness and sport, at Breakfast she should eat an omelet with oatmeal and berries. Allowed to drink coffee. However, to add to the drink sugar should not be. For a snack you can use fruit, cheese or yogurt. At lunch you can afford a chicken breast, rice and salad green vegetables. After training in the chosen sport comes the so-called "window". During this period you can drink a carbohydrate or protein-a protein shake. In the afternoon relies a baked potato with greens and yogurt. Dinner should consist of seafood, broccoli and yogurt. Adhering to the menu, a girl can be to lose weight and correct shape.