Product list (table) for weight loss - How to count calories?

Product list (table) for weight loss is of particular importance for people who want to lose weight or keep in shape. It presents all the essential for the normal functioning of the nutrients. Many believe that the only way to lose weight is to limit yourself to eating. This is an incorrect understanding – body must receive all the necessary vitamins and joints, not to experience stress. The range of nutrition is very large, the main thing to choose for yourself.

table for weight loss

Useful carbohydrates for the proper functioning of the body

What do we know about carbs? Carbohydrates are consumed much faster than all other compounds. They take part in almost all metabolic processes of the body, maintaining its main features:

  • Maintain immunity at a certain level.
  • Part of the cell.
  • Take part in the synthesis of nucleic acids.
  • Regulate metabolic processes.

What carbohydrates make up almost half of the calories that enter the body with food. Therefore, the first task is for those who want to lose weight is control get carbohydrates and consumpta during the day. If exercise is not possible, then this is the only way to cope with the problem.

Tip!To not constantly monitor the consumption of carbohydrates, best foods to eat with carbs early in the day. So their consumption to the end of the day will be the maximum.

The weight loss will happen when you eat 50 grams of food that contain this cibus. Stability provides 100-200 grams, but a large number will result in weight gain. To accurately decide what products to use, you need to know their caloric content.

List of foods for weight loss containing carbohydrates in the table:

Food Caloric value per 100 grams The content of carbohydrates in 100 grams
Figure 372 88
Wheat flour 350 80
White bread 233 50
Corn flakes 368 65
Boiled pasta 117 25
Cake with cream filling 440 68
Butter cakes 527 55
Ice cream from natural milk 167 25
Yogurt 52 10
Sausage sus firmam 300 25
Fish baked in the oven 196 10
Fried fish 228 12
Red wine 68 20
Milk chocolate 529 60
Beer 32 10
Sugar 394 105
Marmalade 261 70
Mayonnaise 311 15
table for weight loss products

This list is much longer. Listed here are the most popular products that people use every day or in large quantities. The carbs need to be diverse in its varieties. It is not necessary to Supplement the diet of one product.

Necessary protein for the body

Cibus protein is needed to build muscles and maintain their tone. Many products contain proteins that, in turn, conventionally divided into "right" and "wrong".

Some products may contain ineffective proteins that the body does not assimilate and not prints, so they are deposited in the fatty tissues of the body. The list is a junk food:

  • Sandwiches with different kind of sausages.
  • Casseroles of potatoes or pasta.
  • Sushi.
  • Fast food.
Important! The diet should be versatile. Do not completely exclude meat, replacing it with dairy products. In addition to protein a food contains and other essential body nutrients.

It is better to eat more simple proteins, which will benefit. These are:

  • Boiled or baked chicken breast.
  • Boiled beef Burger.
  • Boiled chicken eggs.
  • Salsa salmon fillet.

Athletes take the "healthy" protein in the form of powder dapibus. This should be done before and after exercise. In day the average person should consume at least 100 grams of protein. List of protein foods for weight loss in the table:

Food The protein content in 100 grams
Liver of cattle 18
Turkey meat 22
Chicken 20
Rabbit 20,7
Beef 19
Rye bread 4,7
Walnut 14
Muffin 7,6
Oatmeal 11
Beans 22,5
Milk 2,8
Mackerel 18

Summing up this paragraph, I want to emphasize that it depends not only on the type of meat product and method of preparation. If a food is fried or too fat, the calorie value of food will increase several times. It is better to boil or steam. So, protein compounds will retain the structural.

The complex carbohydrates in a balanced diet

It is believed that the most dangerous enemy in the fight against excess weight can become complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are the chemical elements that create a positive environment where break down the fats and proteins. Contribute to their uptake.

Tip! Many nutritionists recommends the diet to make complex carbohydrates, so they accelerate metabolic processes.

A table with a list of foods complex carbohydrates for weight loss:

table for weight loss recipes
Category Product Feature
Vegetables Carrots, cucumbers, beets, cabbage of all kinds, potatoes, pumpkin Rich in fiber, starch and glycogen
Greens Celery, lettuce, spinach, onion, garlic
Fruit Apples, peaches, pears, lemon, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate The best option would be those that contain the least sugar
Berries Grapes, raspberries, gooseberries, quinces, figs, currants of any kind
Cereal Wheat, buckwheat, rye, oats A huge amount of fiber and vitamins, which contribute to a better absorption of other nutrients
Legumes Lentils, peas, beans
Drinks Red wine, tomato juice, fruit and vegetable juices Contribute to the accumulation of "positive" in carbohydrates
Sweets Marmalade, marshmallows, candy, dark chocolate Will support the level of carbohydrates in normal and won't cause the urge to eat sweets

In addition to these products, the food is to consume dairy products. Great choice of low-fat cheese, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream and cream. A completely fat-free variants it is better not to use them absolutely no good.

Summing up, you have to say about sausages, they are considered simple carbohydrates, but often because of them and appears overweight. Often hot dogs, sausages, eaten with bread and cheese is extra carbohydrates, which for some reason no one believes.

Slow and fast carbs for weight loss

Slow and fast carbs are determined by the rate of breakdown of proteins and fats, transforming into glucose. Thus the supply of the "sweet" ingredient for brain and liver. It is therefore important that their number in the body remained in a complete norm.

First things first, you need to first determine what foods and in what quantity should be consumed daily to their level remained in harmony with other nutrients.

Tip! Foods with a high glycemic index are the source of fast carbs, but in content they are not useful is a food holiday.

A list of products with slow carbohydrates in the table for weight loss and the same list of foods with fast carbs for weight loss the table:

Slow The glycemic index Quick The glycemic index
Tomato, broccoli, onion, cabbage 10 Baked or fried potatoes 95
Cucumbers, apricot 20 Rice, white bread, boiled potatoes 90
Olives, olives, ketchup 15 Parsnips, pudding, celery 85
Carrots, oranges, sausage 35 Bagels, bagels, popcorn 70
Kvass, wine, cheese, yogurt 30 Lasagna, donuts, waffles 75

For people who lose weight without exercise, it is better to eat slow carbs. Fast suitable for those who actively attends training and increases muscle mass. Great cereals and cooked meat.

Low calorie food

Currently, there are many techniques that guarantee a positive result in the process of weight loss. But not all diets and balanced diet can help to burn excess calories.

Important!Not all products that coctum or baked in the oven, cooked for a couple of are low-calorie.

Low-calorie foods can be delicious and healthy. Many of them are affordable. A list of low calorie foods for weight loss in the table:

Product The number of calories Features
Broccoli 33 Can be eaten boiled and raw. Contains many additional minerals and vitamins
Carrots 35 You can eat in any form: fried, boiled, without cooking. Is the source of many useful substances
Chili 20 Very sharp product, therefore use only occurs a rapid saturation. In small amounts has a positive effect on virtually all body systems
Artichoke 40 Rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium. Promotes better assimilation of food. Useful for diabetics, but has a lot of cases of intolerance, so to eat it is in limited quantities
Tea: black, white, green 0 Reduces appetite is the prevention of many diseases, especially gastrointestinal tract

This food has many positive impacts, which contain approximately 40-50 calories in 100 grams of product. To low-fat foods include the following:

  • Fresh cucumbers, pickled cabbage, radish, asparagus, green onions.
  • Grapefruit, lemon, orange.
  • Watermelon, cherry, BlackBerry, quince.

To low-calorie foods include rich foods that can be consumed almost every day. Calorie count has a value of 40-60 units per 100 grams:

  • Chicken, lean beef, Turkey meat.
  • Squid, shrimp, low-fat varieties and red varieties of fish.
  • Dairy products with low fat content.
  • Candy, marshmallows, jellies.

To give the dish a bolder flavor, you can saute the vegetables with the meat. Easy bene exclusively with olive oil also does not increase the calories.

table for weight loss menu

Simple carbohydrates for weight loss

Simple carbohydrates are monosaccharides and disaccharides. A huge plus of a simple nutrient in this group is that they are processed quickly by the body. This option is certainly suited to people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, but my dream is to lose weight.

Tip!Even if simple carbs are processed without additional physical activity, you still need to do at least gymnastics or yoga in order to expedite the process.

General categories of foods that contain simple carbohydrates: milk, fruit, vegetables, pastry and baking. List of foods with simple carbohydrates in the table for weight loss prominent.

Variety is a food that is loved by all but, unfortunately, not limited in quantity:

  • Honey;
  • Sugar;
  • Jam;
  • Carbonated beverages;
  • Sweet fruits;
  • Sweet vegetables;
  • White bread.

That is unlimited use of a simple nutrient in this group is a threat in the form of weight gain.

Fats for weight loss

With extreme caution are exactly the fats those who want to lose weight or keep in shape. This takes cibus participation in key processes of growth and development of the organism. If you completely eliminate foods containing it, from the diet may cause enormous health problems.

Not to gain excess weight is to choose healthy fats that are easily absorbed by the body. It is the right decision and of course to engage in parallel physical exertion.

List of foods with fat for weight loss in the table:

Product Feature
Lamb and pork belly. Veal, beef A large amount of lipids. Higher in fat
Nuts Each type of nut contains useful elements which have a positive effect on all body functions
Olive oil cold pressed Has antioxidant effect, improves metabolism
Bitter chocolate Accelerates the metabolic processes. The main thing is to control the use

Eliminate fats from the diet in any case impossible. It is better to limit their number daily rate, which is 30-40 grams.