The review of methods online weight loss

In our days the pursuit of the perfect forms is not only limited to household diets and exercise. Today, dieters can enjoy lots of ways to reduce weight with the help of online techniques. For example, the so-called marathons, in which participants not only lose weight, but also compete with each other. They receive daily tasks and recommendations for ration formulation. Whoever reaches the maximum score is the winner.

At first glance, this is a good way. Participants receive the support of a coach and great motivation, in whose formation a role played by competition. However, this method of weight loss has its drawbacks, because it is not for everyone and can even harm your health.


Major mistakes when choosing online diets

Consider the main error to be avoided the participants of the online marathon of weight loss. So what you should not do with the intention to lose weight online?

  1. Trust lightning fast and fantastic results. Don't believe promises assurances that guarantee getting rid of 10 kilos (Yes, plus!) in just 2 weeks. This is unlikely, besides it is dangerous to health. To attain the ideal shape and to maintain health, it will take much more time. The duration of weight loss depends on initial body weight.
  2. To begin participating in the marathon without prior consultation with the doctor. Even in the absence of complaints to health, you should visit a specialist, not to harm health and to prevent complications. Often when preventive examinations are able to detect serious chronic disease is asymptomatic.
  3. Hope an individual approach. The program is likely to be formulaic. Usually users give General recommendations regarding the composition of the daily diet and the need for proteins, fats and carbohydrates. All this information is available to everyone on the Internet. To make an individual diet will need personal consultation of the professional dietician and, most of all, clinical studies.
  4. Blame the trainer at the lack of results or lack of. As a rule, the organizers are not licensed, and therefore, the deterioration of your health or lack of results, no one will bear the responsibility and the more will not return the money spent (if its a paid application). Moreover, many professionals who call themselves nutritionists, not even have medical education.
  5. After the marathon, to stop the exercise and go to a normal diet. If you again start to eat sweets and fast food, those extra pounds will come back faster than it took, and probably multiplied in two. It is important at the end of the marathon to respect the principles of a balanced diet and maintain regular physical activity.
  6. Not to consider their own health, not to pay attention to emerging discomfort or impairment of health. If after exercise appears palpitations, swelling, joint pain or any other uncomfortable symptoms, be sure to consult with your doctor. In those days, when your health is poor, training should be postponed or at least reduce their intensity.
  7. Not to check the qualifications of the trainer, his education, have the appropriate certificates. Intending to entrust your health coach or nutritionist raeda, verify their qualifications and, preferably, not on the websites they advertise, and other Internet resources. For example, independent feedback. If the search is not successful and the specialist is not mentioned anywhere else, probably, should reconsider its decision to participate in the marathon.
  8. Count on impressive gifts to the winner. As for the expensive rewards, then they shouldn't be. The main goal and reward is the same as the weight-loss and to achieve this you should only use professionals with appropriate education.

Overview of remote methods of weight loss

We will now conduct a comparative review of the most common methods of weight loss in remote conditions and assess their performance.

Online tests for weight loss

This is probably the most readily available method of losing weight. You just need to answer a few questions supposedly "test" — and here it is, happiness: weight loss program ready for you! In the sense that you absolutely get free exclusive tips on menu planning.

However, the experienced eye of a person who is familiar with at least the basics of nutrition, might have noticed that the much-vaunted online tests for weight loss usually contain very General and vague questions, for example:

online testing
  • What diet is suitable for you?
  • What type of food is optimal for your way of life?
  • If you can cope with the extra pounds?
  • Do you know how to eat?
  • Can you limit yourself?
  • What do you prefer for weight loss: the correction menu, or enhanced training?
  • Will you be able to save the result after the diet?

And then all in the same amateurish spirit...

Alas, not all users, attracted by this apparent simplicity, combined with the savings of time and money, I guess that the questionnaires do not have any relation to serious methods of psychodiagnostics. Of course, questionnaires are not time consuming, but the guidance offered in the end are, to put it mildly, approximate. For example, "your perfect diet — 40% protein, 30% fats and 30% carbs". But take care choosing the right foods that contain the above mentioned ratio B/W/U, as and to the extent of their use during the day, you have to yourself.

To trust 100% is obtained after passing the test recommendations is not necessary — all individually

Besides be trusted 100% received post-test recommendations are not worth it — after all, individually. Remember that only a professional nutritionist after conducting a hardware survey to choose the optimal diet and level of activity for decreasing body mass.

And now to sum up the results of the analysis of the effectiveness of online tests for weight loss.


  • the free service;
  • the convenience and ease.


  • the dubiousness of the resulting recommendations;
  • their General, introductory nature, no specific dietary recommendations for the preparation of the diet;
  • the lack of communication with the dietitian.
the designers of the diets

The designers of the diets

This is one of the most uncomplicated ways designed for gullible Internet users. Offers a nutritional program that is based allegedly on the recommendations of the who — although, from the point of view of professional nutritionists, for a similar research requires a lot of research, not a series of answers to some basic questions, often not related to the topic of nutrition and weight loss. The essence of the approach is as simple as "one-two-three":

  1. To answer all questions and fill in the data for analysis.
  2. At the end of this phase is to register with the website or even to pay money.
  3. To get the result.

After registration the user is asked to fill out a short form, and then (which leans the whole thing) — buy slimming product: shorts, belt, bioadditive, etc.

To summarize, highlight the benefits designers of diets:

  • it's free;
  • in some cases, may even be some results.


  • the proposed recommendations can harm the health because they do not take into account the condition of your body;
  • the risk of return excess weight is very high because of the lack of relapse prevention;
  • imposed on buying products for weight loss;
  • recommendations similar to those given in the usual news articles on the Internet;
  • your e-mail spam attacks, as when registering on the website your data will be used to send promotional emails.

The delivery of diet for weight loss

This method of weight loss that have migrated to us from countries of Western Europe and the United States, began a triumphant March across the vast expanses of Russia is relatively recent. No need to worry about anything, visit a nutritionist, psychologist, esthetician, you just buy a diet, high the purpose of which is to help you to lose weight.

Typically, this method offer fitness trainers, so, tempted by the "healthy diet" should take into account their commercial interest.

The advantages of this method of weight loss:

  • to order ready-made products are very convenient;
  • if there's only them and nothing more, it is really possible to lose weight;
  • protein foods can be stored in the refrigerator up to three days;
  • you can pick up ready-made diet with calculated daily caloric and the required number of meals.


  • low palatability;
  • monotony;
  • the high cost of most diets;
  • the need to constantly carry food with them;
  • the risk of return extra pounds in the transition to the usual type of food.
weight loss on instagram

"Nutritionists" in Instagram

A galaxy of experts on nutrition, personal nutritionists and other consultants on the problems of excess weight suddenly surfaced on Instagram.

The number of "professionals", who undertook to lead the project of weight loss on Instagram over the past year exceeds the number of graduates of Instituti medicinae in the past decade! Not surprisingly that in fact for the beautiful certificates, Pestryaev on the pages of Instagram, hiding typical representatives of nutritionis Amateur — enterprising charlatans, seduxit the prospect of easy money on naive users.

These pseudo-nutritionists shamelessly offer to those who suffer 100% weight loss without dieting and grueling workouts, individual attention and personal support "specialist." And to "client ready" as quickly as possible, exhibiting a limitation in time: "the Unique offer is valid only until tomorrow" or "the Promotion is valid only for three days."

Of course, in Instagram, there are professional nutritionists, but the format of the social network does not allow to speak about any serious help. However, in these programs you can still talk to the specialist personally.

Carefully read the information and reviews about it

However do not be fooled by the first sentence: read the information about the person and, preferably, not in his profile, and by searching reviews and discussion forums. Remember that the Internet innumerable pages of these "nutritionists" that are actually energetic marketers, and not by doctors. Of course, the advantages of this questionable way to lose weight we will not mention — for the simple reason that they are not.

Online marathons for weight loss

Now this method of weight loss already losing its popularity. Its essence lies in the praesentatio users with an interesting proposal, which is supported by a publicity stunt that says that the marathon will be a famous pop star. Plus attractive prices: entrance ticket into the world of harmony is only a 2-3 thousand rubles per month. Well how here to resist? In addition to the slimness of the best of the best to guarantee the prize — a car, an apartment or a boob job from a renowned surgeon.

The duration of one season — 4-5 weeks, and the year can be arranged, usually around 5-6 seasons, bringing the organizers a lot of money.

Online marathon weight loss are created approximately this structure:

  • develop interesting promotional offers: slimming with the stars, prizes, etc.;
  • demonstration videos, training and nutritional advice with the participation of media personalities;
  • the charge of balls is particularly active and motivated participants, the penalties for non-performance of tasks;
  • personal Manager to respond to emerging issues;
  • summing up;
  • handing out prizes.

So, the advantages of online marathons weight loss on Instagram:

  • affordable price;
  • the excitement of the process and the spirit of competition.
  • communication with other participants.


  • high probability of return of weight loss;
  • the lack of an individual approach;
  • the short duration of the course;
  • stereotyped in the selection of diet and level of physical activity.
marathon slimming

Internet weight loss clinic

Throughout this review we have already commemorated bad word dubious projects of losing weight. Touch the last one when assorted Amateurs, beautiful calling themselves "clinics for weight loss", conduct online consultations with the importance of speaking truths at considerable expense.

In order not to fall into the trap of marketing, it is worth considering that a specialized online clinic must meet the following criteria:

  • the holding of psychodiagnostics;
  • daily analysis of the diet;
  • daily weight monitoring;
  • daily homework assignments;
  • studies and consultations performed by professional doctors, nutritionists and therapists;
  • at least 2 times a week there are webinars;
  • the total duration of programme is no less than 12 weeks..

The method is based on a comprehensive and scientifically based weight loss program that includes professional psychodiagnostics and 12 weeks of practical exercises and assignments.


According to the palm in efficiency is owned by Internet clinics. Just don't forget to be interested in the education of professionals: these must be certified nutritionists and therapists who will competently develop a personalized weight loss plan that fully meets your life and health.

Remember that success is achieved through continuous professional monitoring of power and process of losing weight, so choose a program in which consultants are always in touch — by phone, Skype or in chat rooms.

And still no online approach will not replace personal communication with doctors and health surveys in real. On this classic, you can design the perfect weight loss plan and store the result in the future.