Proper nutrition for weight loss menu for each day for weight loss

Proper nutrition – the key to excellent health and good mood. In this article we will talk about the benefits of restrictions in the consumption of the harmful product and will create a customized menu of proper nutrition for each day for weight loss. With recipes take a look at later.

menus for weight loss

The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss

Losing weight inevitably leads to change your eating habits: we reject that love and choose other foods with more nutritional value. With proper weight loss can anything not limit yourself, but only to maintain a balance between want and can.

For the normal functioning of the body requires different vitamins and minerals: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. In addition, must be present in the diet water, it promotes the excretion of toxins from the body and weight loss. The lack of any of the components of proper nutrition leads to negative consequences. Let us examine the basis for proper diet.

How to eat for weight loss?

With a proper diet first of all it is necessary to observe following recommendations:

Fractional diet

You should eat frequently but in small amounts. Preferably the meals to take at certain times. Gastric juice begins to produce at the designated time and thereby improving digestion.

Weight loss due to variety in food

The basis of proper nutrition is the variety of dishes. Food should be different - hard, soft, liquid. With this diet, the digestive tract is improved and involves all systems of the body.

The separation of proteins, fat, carbohydrates for weight loss

For the processing of food, contains both proteins and fats, and carbohydrates require significant energy costs. The stomach cannot always handle the huge amount of products, and the fact that he will not have time to digest, definitely going in the body fat. To avoid this, these trace elements should share and eat one by one.

Weight loss due to the thorough chewing of food

Many nutritionists suggest to chew your food slowly. You know that snacks on the go is not the best way reflected in the figure because the stomach has time to digest the food.

Inclusion in dietary ration of sweet

Sitting on a diet, many forbid themselves to eat sweet, and yet it is even harmful. Sweet and starchy foods - this is a quick carbohydrates, they are not intended to satisfy hunger. But in the meantime they contain is essential for the normal functioning of the body glucose and endorphins, "the hormones of happiness. Depressed weight goes significantly longer, and quickly returns.

The priority of a home-cooked meal for weight loss

If possible, you should avoid common food because we don't know how fresh the products are, and how they are made. It is much better to cook at home. For example, cottage cheese and yoghurt can be done by using ready-made ferment. In this product you will be sure. In addition, you should carefully review the composition of the product purchased. The choice should be made in favor of the absence of dubious quality preservatives in the composition. The smaller E, the better.

The benefits of proper nutrition for health and weight loss

As the introduction of new food habits, proper nutrition becomes a part of life, the norm. The results of such eating behavior is obvious:

  1. The body is not hungry, the food arrives in a timely manner;
  2. People receives all the necessary health vitamins and minerals;
  3. Recovering water and energy balance;
  4. Improves digestive function and speeds up metabolism;
  5. Strengthens the immune system, decreases the tendency to depression;
  6. In a good mood.

Proper menu for weight loss

It is important to understand that the daily rate of calories with proper nutrition may not exceed 1,500 calories. When doing exercise, the calories need to be increased. The body does not need extra stress.

Menus for weight loss every day

Below we present a sample menu of proper nutrition for each day for weight loss. With recipes take a look at later in the menu for the week.

Diet Breakfast

In the morning, the diet should be complex carbohydrates (porridge or muesli) that charge the body with energy for the whole day. You should add a protein and fruit. Fruits can be replaced with dried fruit, from sweet to afford a jam.

Lunch for weight loss

In the afternoon it is recommended to include lean meats (Turkey, veal, chicken breast) and vegetables. The latter can be prepared steamed or boiled. Grilled excluded. Instead of vegetables you can use legumes (beans, lentils). For dessert - slice of dark chocolate and a spoonful of honey.

The second lunch or afternoon tea on a diet

In the afternoon you can pamper yourself with nuts, cheese, dried fruit or fresh fruit. Drink kefir.

Dinner for weight loss

For dinner, you should eat meat, because at the end of the day necessary protein. It is possible to make a vegetable salad, a dish with eggs, pasta of durum.

Menus for weight loss in 7 days

We will focus on those products that are desirable to eat and their proportions.

Meat and meat products for weight loss

Meat and sausages more often 4 times a week should not enter. To combine them better with steamed vegetables.

Eggs as a source of protein in the diet

Egg dishes can be prepared 2-3 times a week. Eggs contain high quality proteins because they can replace meat.

Dairy products for weight loss

Strict limits not available. With the exception of individual intolerance. The need to buy yogurt with 1% fat allowed a higher percentage. You can also eat yogurt (preferably homemade) and cheese.

Weight loss and fish

Seafood and fish can be eaten 3 times a week. Restrictions in the choice of no fish, it all depends on taste preferences.

Legumes and nuts for weight loss

Beans, lentils, chickpeas - all are proteins of plant origin, preferably to include in your daily diet in small proportions. Nuts are perfect for snacking.

Fruits and vegetables in the diet

Be sure every day to include in the diet one fresh fruit and vegetable. Boiled you can turn and often, with the exception of potatoes due to the high content of starch in it.

Sweet diet

sweet in the diet

Flour products can afford 1-2 times per week. The rest of the time it is better to replace bitter chocolate, jam, honey or a scoop of ice cream (sundae).

Recipes diet meals for weight loss

Below we present a few recipes of dishes that have a lot of benefits and low calories.

Diet zucchini fritters with oats

This dish is prepared quite simply. We will need the following products:

  1. Medium-sized zucchini - 2 PCs.;
  2. Egg - 1 PC.;
  3. Oatmeal - 1 Cup;
  4. Flour - 2 tbsp;
  5. Paprika - 1 tsp.;
  6. Olive oil - 1 tbsp;
  7. Garlic and salt to taste.

My zucchini, peeled and sprinkle with salt. After 5 minutes, pour the resulting juice, grate on a grater and add to it the paprika. Then add the egg, whisk and add cereal. Cereal the best pre-grind in a coffee grinder or let stand in water for swelling. The resulting mixture is formed patties and baked them on medium heat in a frying pan.

Dietetic chicken fillet with vegetables and cream sauce

For cooking we will need:

  1. Chicken fillet - 250 g;
  2. Zucchini - 1 PC.;
  3. Potatoes - 6 PCs.;
  4. Carrots - 2 PCs.;
  5. Onion - 1 PC.;
  6. Sour cream - 200 g;
  7. Seasoning to taste - paprika, pepper, salt, herbs;

Chicken fillet wash, dry, cut, add salt, pepper and leave to marinate for 15 minutes. In parallel, prepare the zucchini and carrots - wash, peel and cut. Peel and cut the potatoes. Chicken fry, add the vegetables and simmer for 10 minutes. After add the potatoes. To the mixture add one Cup of water or broth and simmer under the lid closed for 15 minutes. At the end add sour cream and then under the hood. Feeding to the table the dish flavoring.

In conclusion, we can say that losing weight can be quite enjoyable. While we have described the options menu for the day and week in what itself not to limit. The only wish - all necessary measure.