TOP 12 photos of stars before and after weight loss

But if you do not give up, you can achieve amazing results, such as the stars of today's selections. They not only managed to lose dozens of pounds and prove to everyone that being overweight is not a sentence, just really want to get rid of it. And their pictures are proof of that. 12 see below for photos of stars before and after weight loss!

Jessica Simpson

Star has always been slim, but giving birth to one after another of two children, suddenly gained 30 pounds. First, the singer got depressed, but then took courage and entered into a desperate struggle with excess weight. Her arms began classes at the gym 4 times a week and a special diet Weight Watchers. After six months from the hated pounds is not gone. Unfortunately, the last images of the stars say that, it seems, she again began to put on weight.

Jessica Simpson

Christina Aguilera

After the separation from her husband in 2010, the singer was very upset. Their sufferings star tried to "seize" fast and unexpectedly for myself gained 30 pounds. Fortunately, at this moment Christine met his new love. For him, the star decided to return to its former harmony. For a year she refused from sweets and alcohol and was limited to only fruits, vegetables, shrimp and poultry. The result exceeded all expectations: in six months, Kristina has lost 37 pounds!

Kelly Osbourne

Fatty-rebel from the show "Family Osborn" extreme weight loss shocked the whole world: in record time, the girl dropped 23 pounds. Kelly and her fans thought that this rapid weight loss was the result of a diet and intense workout at the gym, but it was later revealed that the cause of harmony Kelly became hyperthyroidism – thyroid disease. In March 2016 the girl said that will not be treated, fearing that the pills for hyperthyroidism can trigger the return of extra pounds.

Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina was never skinny, and pregnant, gained another 30 pounds. While waiting for their first child the singer constantly felt the hunger, she even dreamed of cakes and pastries.

"I could at three in the morning to Wake up to go to the refrigerator and destroy half of its contents. In the restaurant, ate two plates of spaghetti Carbonara and still hungry"

After giving birth, the singer took himself in hand and sat on a strict diet. She ate only rice, boiled chicken and steamed vegetables. In addition to this, Pauline has begun a heavy load in the School-Studio of MKHAT, where she studied. Dance, fencing, stage movement – all this combined with the diet contributed to the fact that for six months Pauline has lost almost 40 pounds, losing weight to 47.

Jennifer Hudson

When Jennifer Hudson became a star, she was already pretty lush. The extra weight did not prevent her from mad men, however, became pregnant, the star decided to lose weight. Giving birth to a son, the actress has revised its diet, Jogging, basketball and Boxing. Thus, the star dropped 40 pounds. Now she declares that she is proud of this amazing result, even more than his "Oscar".

Britney Spears

In the life of Britney was the period about which she would prefer to forget: she was addicted to drugs, stopped caring for herself and gained weight. Luckily, the star managed to recover, and the first thing she decided to return in shape. Low-carb protein diet, sports training and dancing helped the star to lose weight fast and lose 20 pounds.

Anfisa Chekhova

The presenter managed to shed 15 kilos and acquire a stunning figure in just 3 months. Anfisa is willing to share the secret of his weight loss: this is the regular practice of yoga and proper nutrition. The star feeds on fish, seafood and vegetables, and from meat and eggs declined.

Nastya Kamensky

Nastya Kamensky

Nastya Kamensky admits that was always likely to be overweight. To lose weight, she sat down on the extreme dieting, which felt terrible, and all dropped weight very quickly returned to it. In 2014 due to tight tour schedule, and of the impossibility of keeping the correct diet and training, Nastya so much weight that rumors about her pregnancy. These scandals forced the girl to engage seriously in their figure. It started with the fact that seriously changed my attitude to food and to sports:

"If a person eats a lot and can't eat, it means that he has psychological problems. He kind of builds around himself a fortress of fat that it couldn't get...In the end, when my weight reached the unimaginable mark, I started to analyze my psychological state..."

In addition, She began to exercise regularly, which I used to hate it, and normalized the diet. As a result, over six months, the singer managed to lose 3 sizes.

Jonah Hill

Recently, actor Jonah hill, star of "Escape from Vegas" and "the Wolf of wall Street, made his fans a pleasant surprise. 33-year-old actor is incredibly thin! On his latest photos, posted online, shows that John of the fat man turned into a handsome man with a beefy torso. According to rumors, he managed to lose 50 pounds. The reason for this incredible weight loss has become the concern of Jonah about your health: weight the actor has reached a critical level and caused concern among doctors. In this regard, John refused from fast food and soda and played sports. The result, as stated on the face.

Chris Pratt

The range of roles Chris Pratt is great: from superheroes to funny fat people. In this regard, in preparation for the filming the actor countless times had to lose or gain weight. The most impressive metamorphosis happened to him in 2014, when for the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" Chris dropped 27 pounds. In this he was helped by the refusal of your favorite beer and cutlets, as well as regular bodybuilding classes.

Seth Rogen

For the role of the superhero film "the Green Hornet" actor had to lose weight at 13 pounds. Say goodbye to excess weight for the Set was quite difficult:

"Weight loss is not a picnic. People stay fat!"

John Goodman

At 62, star of "treasure Hunters" and "the Flintstones" came to the conclusion that he needed to lose weight. It is done! With the help of regular training, the actor got rid of 45 pounds! The process of losing weight has also helped avoiding alcohol and sweets.