How to remove belly fat - 5 effective ways + diet and exercise

Good afternoon, dear friends! Today I would like to talk to you about how to remove belly fat. Today the Internet is full of various methods of burning belly fat. In this article, we will discuss with you safe ways to lose weight abdomen.

You will learn about how to remove belly fat can not only through diet and exercise.

I will share with you the secret chips, which she often used that to motivate me. Ways of burning belly fat described in the article is very simple and accessible to all. You just have to learn the material and start working on their appearance!

How to quickly remove belly fat

How to remove belly fat at home in a week?

Slim and fit appearance is not just a fashionable trend, as the indicator of human success, of his health. Therefore, most people are so concerned about their form, especially with the onset of spring, when you have to get out of warm clothes, which is so easy all the masks. While many are puzzled how to remove belly fat and lose weight.

There have been several attempts to lose weight, but many are still interested in how to do it at home. Burning belly fat requires a lot of effort, and most importantly, an integrated approach. The principles of this approach will help to remove belly fat in the short term.

So, to get rid of the hated belly fat in a week, you will need:

  • drinking more water will be optimally 1.5 - 2 liters per day of plain carbonated water;
  • eat small portions so your stomach is stretched from food, and were reduced in size;
  • engage in a favorite sport, such as running, fitness, belly dance or Pilates;
  • be sure to exclude from the diet fried foods, sweets and flour;
  • to abandon carbonated drinks and alcohol.

All these tips will help you to lose weight in a week. It should be understood that the above itemized are the safest ways to lose weight and, of course, during the week you completely get rid of the belly, but you lay the beginning of your beautiful and perfect figure.

Causes of stomach

In order to get rid of belly fat, you need to understand what is causing the weight gain and makes the search for effective ways to lose weight.

Let's see the data causes:

Overeating. But it appears not without reason, and certainly without the desire of the person in the future have to seek out opportunities to get rid of excess belly fat. It is important to lose weight, but it is still important to do it right and lose weight so that more will not see them.

Overeating is caused by constant stress and excessive nervous tension. Such a psychological state not only increases the portions and frequency of meals, but makes a choice not in favor of the most useful products (e.g., alcohol).

In this way, the body looks for additional sources of the hormone of joy, which begins to produce cortisol - the stress hormone. All this makes the actual choice of diet and group exercises for the abdomen.

Important!All of the methods can remain unsuccessful or ineffective, if you do not find harmony in the emotional sphere.


Added to this is the use of low quality products. It does not matter what exercises are performed and how often, if not leave in the diet is only useful, healthy, properly prepared food.

Another reason is the stretching of the stomach wall constant overeating. The permanent lining of his stomach to the limit, makes little effective exercise for weight loss belly. Which leads to stress and he's another overweight and a big belly.

Sharp restriction in food also trigger the release of cortisol and lead to the same result (because the body overcrowding of the stomach a long time indicates saturation, without it being tested by hunger). Emerges a vicious circle, to break which will help to more gentle methods in the approach to speedy deliverance from the stomach.

Another unpleasant reason for the increase in volumes in the waist - intestinal parasites. Many have heard that someone intentionally runs a "critter" in your body hoping to lose weight. But frankly, to remove belly fat such radical and, one might even say, exotic method hardly possible, and dangerous to the body. Parasites definitely not recommended: in addition, does not solve the problem, and even adds a new, polluting the body.

But aid the body in cleansing fruits and vegetables rich in fiber will contribute to a perfect midsection.

Step by step instructions for effective weight loss belly

As already mentioned, getting rid of belly fat requires a comprehensive approach. There is no one magic diet or super-effective exercises. Reflecting on the question, "is it Possible to remove belly fat?", you need to understand: only to remove it is impossible, as impossible to lose weight only in my legs, face, etc.

Exercises to rid of belly fat effective to use with the loads on other groups of muscles. So start the process of weight loss, which occurs simultaneously throughout the body, only more intense, and something a little slower.

A complete list of activities for weight loss in the waist would be the following:

  1. Proper nutrition;
  2. Regular exercise;
  3. Cleansing of the body;
  4. Strengthening of abdominal muscles (it will return the muscles tone and create a massaging effect on the intestines and other internal organs);
  5. Massage in areas of excess volume.

How to remove belly fat - 5 effective ways

This Chapter will allow to consider in more detail each component of an effective weight loss in the belt and will finally figure out how to remove belly fat.

Method 1. Massage

There are different types of massage for slimming stomach. To choosing any type of massage should be approached with caution and to consult with your doctor.

The basic principles of weight loss through massage, it is:

  • systematic;
  • performing after 2 h after a meal;
  • avoiding pain of any kind.

Remember!The massage itself is not conducive to weight loss, but is a complementary method to physical exercise and rational approach to food.

Such a massage during pregnancy is strictly not allowed.

  • Water - tones and invigorates the body, has a beneficial effect on digestion, the elasticity of the epithelium.
  • Hand-massage (perhaps with a towel or a massage) before exercise prepares the muscles and firming effect on the skin.
  • Cupping - helps to remove toxins, effectively fights with fatty deposits.
  • Honey - cleanses the skin of toxins, making the skin more smooth and prevent the formation of cellulite.
  • Cellulite - aimed at getting rid of cellulite, improving the appearance of the dermal surface pulling.

Method 2. Exercises

Let's consider the important points and tips on losing weight belly:

  • Choosing exercises to lose belly fat, you should pay attention that the greatest effect of the work with their own body weight or dumbbells.
  • Muscles after a workout you need time to recover, so practice a day is enough load.
  • Planning to quickly remove belly fat, give load need not be selective but should evenly distribute it throughout the body - so the body runs more intensively.

Method 3. Diet

"Diet for weight loss belly" - if you think about it, then of course you should choose a diet suitable for your body. Again let me remind you that in addition to effective exercises for weight loss belly diet will be very useful and will help you to lose weight faster.

To acquire a beautiful appearance, of course, you will need to revise your diet forever, making this a lifestyle and not a one-time extra torture on the body.

To help quickly can fasting days that allow the day to lose weight, to detoxify, and contribute to narrowing of the already stretched walls of the stomach.

Read more we will review the choice of diet for you below the article.

Method 4. Proper nutrition

  1. First we must purify the body and to establish the bowels.
  2. The next step is to switch to eating frequent but small portions.
  3. Need to get rid of "pollutant" in the diet: TRANS fats, confectionery, smoked, salted, fatty meat.
  4. Fruits, vegetables and greens should prevail on the menu: their fiber will give the feeling of satiety, makes the intestines, and fats to melt.
  5. The main rule of any weight loss: believe in yourself and you will succeed!

Method 5. Cleansing the body

In the body, cleansed from toxins, a much faster pass metabolism, and hence fats are burned faster. Techniques for getting rid of belly fat can be enema (but they violate the microflora), also gives good results with the use of castor oil which is not digested in the body, and forces them to shrink the cilia of the intestine and thus purify the body. Moreover, such method will help to clear even the small intestine, which is often not involved in the cleaning process.

Important!!! When deciding cleansing the body you should consult with your doctor.

Another trick for getting rid of belly is lemon-salt treatment, which is a complex of measures (the use of citric-salt aqueous solution and some exercises) to open the valve in the stomach that will allow liquid straight through the entire bowel taking the waste products, toxins.

There are also the following methods of cleansing: cleaning of raw vegetables, rice cleansing and purification of the bran. Each cleanse individually, therefore, before resits, read the information about this method and consult your physician.

Exercises for belly slimming

Proper nutrition is certainly an important factor, but to weight loss was due to fat loss, not muscle mass so your skin retains elasticity after lost volumes, as well as for the General tone of the body, you must know what to do exercises for slimming the abdomen.

The most effective exercise for weight loss belly:

  1. The retraction of the abdomen for 10-15 seconds that will strengthen the internal muscle corset.
  2. Hold on to the weight (15 to 20 cm from the floor) elongated legs - allows you to work lower abs.
  3. Lying to raise the pelvis straight upward with the feet, the tailbone needs to come off due to the work of the muscles of the lower press.
  4. Plank is one of the most productive and efficient ways to maintain the tone of all muscle groups.
  5. Lie on your back, legs together, stretched up his arms to the side, lying on the floor. Slowly lower legs to one side, to expand in the opposite head. Also slowly return to the starting position, run to the other side. Repeat 10-12 times.
Diet for weight loss belly

Diet for weight loss belly - choose your diet

There are a huge number of supply systems, for people who want to remove belly fat. Its fruits they will bring, if you strictly observe all of their requirements.

Diet for weight loss belly categorically should not cause any rejection, it has to be understood as a certain stage in life, daily life routine at a certain interval.

Mood for weight loss must be unwavering, because the effect is noticeable immediately, but the end result only comes through force of will.

It is sometimes difficult to decide on any one diet. To narrow down your choices, focusing on diet with the most lasting effect, for example, the protein (the most famous Dukan diet and the Kremlin) or Mediterranean (which is not so much a diet as a lifestyle).

It is important not to forget about the principle of fractional power, and not to make portions too big.

How to remove belly fat + tips for a flat stomach

Valuable tips how to remove belly fat, will make the process faster and less stressful in emotional terms.

Let's look at tips for acquiring a flat belly:

  • To abandon lightly solting food and excess sugar;
  • To ban alcohol;
  • Regularly clean the body (for regular use will suit the fasting days);
  • Allow the stomach to return to its original size and temper this appetite;
  • To normalize the water (about one and a half liters per day), drink before and not after meals;
  • Do not eat heavy meals for dinner (cottage cheese/serving of vegetables/sometimes fish is enough);
  • To increase the intake of vegetables, fruits, greens, (about 3/5 of the daily diet).


Dear girls, I think now you know exactly how to remove belly fat, what exercises will suit you and how to eat to get rid of belly fat.

But is it worth such torment soon, but a quick of getting rid of extra pounds and volumes, which are then returned in even greater numbers, you need to think. For health, figure and emotional state is the best, albeit long, but still reliable and systematic weight loss.