How long does it take to see results weight loss?

The time that you need to see the first results of the weight loss (and that others also noticed), can vary from person to person. Many factors, including the initial clothing size, weight, and meal plan can make a big difference. But in General, however, many people can see the first visible results within two weeks if they adhere to their plan.


What factors affect how quickly I will see the first results of weight loss

There are many different factors that affect how quickly you will see results diet. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer on how soon your weight loss will be noticeable. Here are a few reasons because of which the results may differ:

  1. Your initial size. If your starting weight is within the range of obesity according to body mass index, that can not be changed 5...6 kg in one day. But even this weight loss may not be very noticeable on the larger body. However, if you are a small petite woman and reduce the weight by 5 kg, then it can be a significant difference in clothing sizes. However, for tiny women to lose this much weight in one day is impossible and even dangerous. When your initial body size is large, you probably will lose more weight with greater speed, especially in the first days of your program;
  2. The type of diet. Some diets are set up for quick weight loss in the initial stage of the program. For example diets: Atkins, South Beach and many other popular programs include the beginning in the form of "jump" within a week or two, when the restriction of food becomes more intense, and you will lose more weight. You can lose up to 3 kg or more per week during this initial phase. As a result, the weight loss visually be noticeable much sooner;
  3. Consumption of carbohydrates. The restriction of carbohydrates can lead to rapid loss of water in the body. When you lose weight in water, you will likely notice that losing weight. For some people weight reduction from water loss can have a value between two sizes of clothes. But the loss of water from the body different from weight loss. Although the reduction of carbs is a reasonable approach to weight reduction for many people dieters, it must be part of a comprehensive program of healthy eating for sustainable weight loss;
  4. How often you weigh in. You are more likely to see big changes in weight, if you weigh rarely. Why? Because if you weigh yourself once a week, the result will be the total number of pounds lost in seven days. If you weigh yourself every day, you will see small changes and can even see a slight weight gain. There are many different reasons why your weight can vary each day and are not always the result of how well you followed your diet;
  5. How do you measure the results of weight loss. When you start a diet program, your goal may be to get into a smaller dress size. Others want to see changes in certain parts of the body, for example, thinner thighs or a flatter tummy.

In most cases, you will likely see changes on the scale your scale in the first place, especially if you have a high-tech gadget. Digital scale can notice even small changes in your total body weight (of kilos), which can be too small to notice them on some part of your body.


Next, you likely will see changes in your clothes. Your actual size will not change immediately, but you will notice that your clothes will become easier and a little coffee. Most likely, you will notice these changes sooner, if you usually wear a more form-fitting (tighter) clothes. In the end, if you stick to your program weight loss, weight loss from whole body will reduce the size of your clothes.

Finally, you will see changes in every part of the body. Of course, these changes will happen throughout the weight loss process. But you may not notice its thinner thighs, for example, until you lose a few pounds.

You are more likely to see changes in body size before, if you start an exercise program while you are dieting. Keep in mind, however, that exercise can improve the shape of your body and make it more elastic and attractive. But the improvement in muscle mass can lead to a small increase in weight on your scale while your body is smaller and looks better.

How long should I wait to change clothes size?

One of the best parts of traveling in your weight loss, it is when you go to a store and suddenly find that you ut in a smaller dress size. For most people, dieters, this is the moment when you feel that all your hard trials paid off. So how long does it take before you get pleasure from this special experience? Again, it varies. Here Your height plays a big role.

If you are petite woman with a growth of five feet (152 cm), weight loss of ten pounds (4.5 kg) may mean that you have lost !ten percent of the weight! your body. This weight loss will be very noticeable and can change her clothing size to two sizes.

But if you are very tall athletic woman, a loss of ten pounds probably will not even be visible and may not change your clothing size at all.

Many experts say that you should expect to change for one size of clothes every 4...5 kg weight lost. But we usually don't lose weight evenly throughout the body. Unfortunately, the most "stubborn" areas of the body usually takes the most time, to see the changes. Ultimately, your clothing size will depend on the size of each specific part of the body.

before and after
  1. To change the size of pants you need to reduce the waist size by about 2.5...3.5 cm and the size of the hips to the same value;
  2. To change the size of the upper body, you need to reduce the size of the bust and the waist about 3 inches (if you are petite) and 4 cm if you wear large sizes;
  3. To change the dress size, you need to reduce your waist, bust and hips of approximately 2.5 cm depending on the dress style and fit that you prefer.

When will I see results weight loss

(about time)

Remember that a new clothing size and the decrease body are not the only achievements in reducing weight. These small changes in the weight loss that you are likely to see in your approximate schedule of the allotted time, adhering to a healthy diet with low calorie and moderate exercise program.

  1. Week one: most nutritionists are starting to see some changes in the body as a whole (usually up to 2 kg) in the course of this week. You will probably feel better, but will not see major changes in your body;
  2. Second week: the second week you will most likely begin to notice changes in how looks and feels to your body. Exercises start be easier, and your clothes will become more loose;
  3. Third week: third week — you will feel the impulse in their quest to lose weight. If you were consistent in your plan, your body will respond accordingly, and you start to feel that your program is successful;
  4. Fourth week: the fourth week is very possible that you have lost weight (and safely) to use smaller size beautiful clothes.

After the fourth week of your new eating plan will become your normal and customary. Depending on the amount of weight that you planned to remove from yourself, you can start to adjust the nutrition plan to maintain healthy weight in the future.

Want to quickly see the weight loss results? There are ways to supercharge your diet so that the number on the scale your weights changed more often.

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When I become more attractive?

Many nutritionists are investing in weight loss plan to improve their health. But others do it to change your appearance and become more attractive. Of course, regardless of whether you are attractive or not attractive, it is subjective, but the researchers noted that the amount of weight you want to lose before people will notice the change in your appearance.

Scientists from the University of Toronto evaluated the weight loss and attractiveness to the face. Their results, published in "Social Psychology and Personality Science", suggests that you need to lose about 3.5...4.0 kg, before others will notice changes on your face. That's good news. The bad news is that you need to lose twice more before the friends will find you more attractive.

Study author Nicholas Rule is assistant Professor of research of Canada in social perception and cognition at the University of Toronto. In the issue he explained that they investigated facial adiposity (amount of fat in your face), because it is a "reliable indicator of health." He continues to give good news for women.

"Women's visual appeal may be more sensitive to changes in weight," says Rule. "It just means that women trying to lose weight, you need to lose a little less pounds than men that others found them more attractive."