Proper nutrition for weight loss menu for a week

It is known that for quick weight loss suitable diet the easiest diet to reduce fats and carbohydrates, with the exception of sweet and savoury, and in a week you will leave with two-four kilograms. But it is naive to believe that excess weight will go away from this forever. Once on the table there are dishes from the old menu, the extra weight quickly returned to normal, and, in all senses of the word circles.

The only solution in the issue of weight loss and weight control is getting proper nutrition. To choose the right products for a healthy menu is not as difficult as it seems.


The basis of healthy eating and weight loss are 2 of the principle:

  • Fractional regular meals in small portions.
  • The menu should be varied and take into account all the rules.

Menu of proper nutrition for each day for weight loss

Beginners are not always able to distinguish between the concept of proper nutrition; the diet; in practice these are two different ways to achieve results in weight loss. The diet involves limited consumption of certain foods, and not always talking about writing a correct and balanced menu that takes into account individual performance slimming. The result of such experiments with your own body can be heartburn, flatulence, diarrhea, and even gastritis. And in cases when the diet was properly designed, often, its effect lasts until the end of the strict menu, and some time after. Then the excess weight comes back and find a more suitable diet for weight loss resumes.

If the purpose of creating a new diet menu is not only a temporary harmony, but also improve overall health, then you should choose the right food. Here it is worth to accept the fact that proper nutrition is not a special mode, and not a temporary menu for rapid weight loss is a way of life.

The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss:

  • Gradual reduction of calories consumed in the daily diet. The drastic reduction in the daily menu, leading to slower metabolism and disruption, because the body is very difficult to start the process of weight loss. Considering calorie a day diet, you need to gradually reduce it to 100-150 calories a week.
  • Regular intake of fat. Important: the fats in the menu with a proper diet must be beneficial i.e. plant and animal origin. They equally help during weight loss and when weight. You can get them from fish and nuts (omega-3) or olive oil (polyunsaturated fats). Remember, if you do not include them in the diet or include is not enough, you can trigger a hormonal imbalance.
  • Reduce your consumption of carbohydrates. Just remove them from the menu is impossible, because proper nutrition and a healthy diet is, first and foremost, the observance of a balanced menu. Prefer slow carbohydrates, capable of long time to provide the level of satiety. This can be porridge (buckwheat, oatmeal) and vegetables. And here's a quick carbohydrates to exclude from the menu of proper nutrition completely, because they are of no use. They are instantly absorbed, raising the blood sugar level, and already after a short period of time, the body again sends a signal of hunger.
  • To increase your protein intake. On the digestion of protein consumes more calories than fats and carbohydrates. The inclusion of protein foods in the menu improves metabolism and allows you to preserve muscle mass when losing weight.
  • Eat small portions but often. Daily diet during weight loss should consist of 5-6 receptions. To improve metabolism, you should regularly give your body work in the form of food processing. This allows you to avoid the feeling of hunger, because if the breaks between meals is very long, there is a probability of failure.

The menu is based on correct nutrition for weight loss:

  • Breakfast: slow carbs and protein (cereal and cottage cheese; eggs);
  • Snack: protein and fiber (cottage cheese; eggs; vegetables; fruit);
  • Lunch: slow carbs, protein and fiber (porridge, boiled meat, fish and vegetables);
  • Snack: protein and fiber (cheese and fruit);
  • Dinner: protein and fiber (vegetables steamed, baked meat, fish and vegetables).

Do not forget to diversify the menu during weight loss, to make them flow nice. This will allow you to easily switch to a healthy diet, not making exceptions to a healthy menu.

Menu for girls and women


Proper nutrition can please women the most prominent and trusted weight-loss results. If it is built according to the rules, balanced, fully exclude the presence in the menu of harmful products shall be distributed in accordance with the daily needs of the body, at home you can quickly achieve the desired weight-loss results.

Help in this pre-compiled menu of proper nutrition for every day for girls and women. With proper nutrition it is important to consider your menu, to distribute food correctly, without deficiency and excess.

A proper diet menu for a week for weight loss:


  • Breakfast: millet 50 g, butter 1 h/l, kefir-0.5 liters;
  • Snack: cottage cheese 150 gr., Apple-1 PC.;
  • Lunch: boiled buckwheat 50 g, baked beef 150 gr., salad from fresh cabbage 100 gr. fruit vegetable juice;
  • Snack: boiled egg 1 PC., green peas, 100 gr.;
  • Dinner: steamed fish 150 g, broccoli 100 gr. tea black.


  • oatmeal 50 gr. olive oil 1 h/l, yoghurt 200 ml fruit juice;
  • milk 1 tbsp. banana 1 piece.
  • rice 50 g, chicken breast 150 gr., cucumber 1 PC., jelly;
  • omelet of 1 egg, corn, 100 gr.;
  • meat on a couple of 150 gr., mixed vegetables 150 gr., tomato juice.


  • oatmeal 50 gr. butter 1 h/l cottage cheese 150 gr., green tea;
  • dates 5 pieces, natural yoghurt 150 ml;
  • buckwheat 50 g, Turkey roasted 150 gr., tomato 1 piece, jelly oatmeal;
  • milk 1 tbsp., nuts 50 gr.;
  • canned tuna -150 gr., stewed cabbage 150 gr., green tea.


  • buckwheat 50 g, butter 1 h/l, a sandwich of rye bread and butter 1 Kus., tea, honey 2 h/l;
  • fruit salad with natural yoghurt 200 gr.;
  • rice 50 g, braised chicken with vegetables 200 gr. beet salad with olive oil 100 gr. jelly oatmeal;
  • banana-1 PC. milk 1 tbsp.;
  • omelet of two eggs, cucumber 1 piece, compote.


  • oatmeal 50gr., butter 1 tbsp, boiled eggs 2 pieces, black tea;
  • 1 tbsp. yogurt, prunes 5 PCs.;
  • millet 50 g, fish cutlets on pair 2 PCs., green peas 100 gr. jelly;
  • natural yoghurt 1 tbsp. of blueberries 100 gr.;
  • boiled beef 200 gr. stewed vegetables, 100 gr., green tea.


  • buckwheat 50 g, olive oil 1 h/l, toast with honey 1 PC, black tea;
  • dried apricots 10 PCs, milk 1 tbsp.;
  • rice 50 g, roast Turkey stuffed with no fat cheese and greens 150 gr., compote;
  • banana-1 PC., walnuts 50 gr.;
  • fish boiled 150 gr., corn 150 gr., green tea.


  • oatmeal 50 gr. butter 1 h/l cottage cheese 150 gr., jelly;
  • milk jelly with fruit 200 gr.;
  • rice 50 g, beef stew with vegetables 200 gr. compote;
  • an omelette with 1 egg, tomato 1 PC.;
  • roast Turkey 200 gr. the fresh cabbage salad with dill 150 gr., green tea.

For Breakfast and lunch the number of grits on the menu provided in a dry form.

Proper diet for women for fat loss and effective fast weight loss Supplement, you must physical exertion. This can be squats, Jogging, Cycling and many other exercises for weight loss easy to perform at home.

Nutritional guidelines for men

In a healthy diet for every day for men should include food that gives a lot of energy and effort, even if we are talking about losing weight. When menu planning must take into account the individual characteristics and needs of men: options, lifestyle, daily activity level, and, in fact, the purpose of the transition to proper nutrition slimming, weight or maintaining the body in good shape. In line with this, it is possible to change the amount of servings, making them more for active men, and smaller for those with a primarily sedentary lifestyle.

The basis of a full men's menu; nutritionists often include:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs, whole-grain bread, tea without sugar;
  • Snack: dairy products;
  • Lunch: soup, meat or fish with steamed vegetables, salad with vegetable oil, unsweetened tea;
  • Afternoon tea: raw fruit or vegetables;
  • Dinner: stewed or steamed meat or fish with vegetables;
  • At night: milk or milk products (kefir, fermented baked milk).

Removed: alcohol; pickles; canned; spicy and fried food. These products have nothing to do with nutrition.

The average physical activity male spends about 3300 – 3600 calories. For weight loss enough to gradually reduce the calories to 1800 – 2200 kcal.

Proper diet for men menu every day for weight loss:


  • scrambled eggs of 2 eggs, toast corn bread, tea without sugar;
  • low-fat cottage cheese 200 gr.;
  • grilled beef 200 gr. soup with vegetable broth 200 ml, juice berries;
  • feta cheese 100 gr.;
  • baked chicken breast with spinach 200 gr.;
  • a glass of hot milk.


  • oatmeal with milk 200 gr. bread with bran 1 Kus., butter 1 hour/l hour without sugar;
  • yogurt 1 tbsp.;
  • kupaty Turkey cooked in a convection oven 200 gr. salad of boiled beets with walnuts and vegetable oil 200 gr. chicken broth 150 ml, compote of prunes;
  • grapes 200 gr.;
  • fish zrazy 200 gr. steamed broccoli 200 gr., tea;
  • a glass of buttermilk.


  • omelet of two eggs with mushrooms, croutons from whole grain bread 2 pieces, jelly;
  • natural yoghurt 200 gr.;
  • steam cutlets of veal 250 g, Solyanka vegetable 200 ml, tea is not sweet;
  • persimmon 2 PCs;
  • braised cabbage with Turkey, 300 gr., compote of dried apricots;
  • a Cup of yogurt.


  • buckwheat porridge with milk 200 gr. boiled egg 1 PC., tea without sugar;
  • mousse of curd and berries 200 gr.;
  • schnitzel from minced chicken breast 250 gr., soup 200 gr. jelly;
  • orange 1 PC., walnuts 50 gr.;
  • beef baked with tomatoes under cheese 250 gr., salad from fresh cabbage 100 gr. green tea;
  • a glass of milk.


  • tomato omelette of 2 eggs, toast with butter 1 piece, the tea is not sweet;
  • pancakes 300 gr.;
  • borsch with beans 200 gr. Caesar 200 gr.;
  • melon 250 gr.;
  • beef liver stew 200 gr. steam vegetables 200 gr. jelly;
  • a glass of buttermilk.


  • wheat cereal milk 200 gr. pear 1 PC, black tea with honey;
  • salad with cheese, celery and spinach with the addition of linseed oil, 300 gr.;
  • beef stew with chickpeas and zucchini 300 gr. chicken broth 150 ml, compote of dried fruits without sugar;
  • 1 tbsp. fresh orange juice, dry biscuits (crackers, biscuits) 100 g.;
  • salmon with asparagus on the grill 300 gr. tea;
  • the hot milk.


  • corn flakes 100 gr. milk 1 tbsp.;
  • curd pudding with raisins 200 gr.;
  • pea soup 200 ml, boiled beef 150 g, tomato juice 1 tbsp.;
  • apples 2 PCs.
  • veal steak 200 gr. steam vegetables 200 gr. tea.
  • a Cup of yogurt.

This sample menu for men-for a week maybe slightly different proportions, or composition, but the products must meet nutrition.

Menu of 1000 calories


Proper nutrition is a balanced composition of menus and well-chosen products. An important role is also played portions. Some programs offer slimming in a short time, limit daily intake to 1000 kcal per day. It is important to understand that this is a very extreme mode of weight loss that have little in common with a balanced diet. Permissible norm for weight loss adult women can be considered 1200-1500 kcal, men's better to increase the daily menu to 2200 kcal. However, if you decided to take such strict measures to lose weight, it is best to include in the menu foods list proper diet.

Menu of proper nutrition for each day for weight loss sample menu 1000 calories

Sample menu for 1 day:

  • Breakfast: omelet of two eggs (340 kcal), bread with bran 1 cous (80 calories), black tea with 1 h/l of sugar (22 calories);
  • Snack: a peach (35 kcal);
  • Lunch: cabbage soup, 250 ml (63 kcal), bread wheat couscous 1 (80 kcal);
  • Snack: low-fat cottage cheese 100 g (50 kcal), cherry jam 2 h/l (55 kcal);
  • Dinner: baked potatoes 2 PCs (160 kcal), boiled hake 100 g (80 kcal), cucumber 2 PCs (11 kcal), 1 medium tomato (23 kcal).

Total daily nutrition: 999 calories.

Proper diet menu 1200 calories per day

  • Breakfast: porridge oat on the water of 50 grams cereal (250 kcal);
  • Snack: pear (43 kcal), steam beef burgers 2 pieces (150 calories), vegetable soup 200 ml (150 kcal), salad of cucumbers and tomatoes 150 grams (40 calories);
  • Snack: fruit salad 200 grams (35 kcal);
  • Dinner: porridge 100 gr (336 kcal), boiled or baked cod 200 grams (150 calories), a salad of red cabbage with herbs 100 g (50 kcal).

Total daily nutrition: 1200 calories.

Menu of proper nutrition for a day on 1500 calories

  • Breakfast: oat porridge 200 g (244 calories), Apple (37 kcal), green tea with 1 tsp sugar (26 kcal);
  • Snack: yoghurt 125 ml sweet (88 kcal);
  • Lunch: soup in meat broth with vermicelli 250 g (196 kcal), bread rye 2 Kus (156 kcal) orange 1 piece (48 kcal), boiled chicken breast 150 grams (255 kcal), fresh cucumbers 2 PCs (14 kcal);
  • Snack: yogurt not fat 1 tbsp (60 calories), Apple (37 kcal), boiled pasta 150 gr (147 kcal), salad from fresh vegetables (cucumber, tomato, greens 200 g 70 kcal), olive oil 1 PT/l (135 kcal).

Total daily nutrition: 1 498 calories.

The breaks between meals should be 3 hours. Do not forget about drinking regime (a glass of water every hour).

Losing weight is rarely easy, especially if the excess weight in excess. Observe whether temporary diet or accustom themselves to proper nutrition the choice of each individual. In theory, to make the menu for weight loss is never easy, but in practice everything is much easier. Today there are a lot of recipes, among which you can find delicious pastries, sweets and snacks, which you can safely include in the menu, without prejudice to the figure.

If you decide on the proper power, then, over time, it will firmly enter in your life, and will become an indispensable helper on the way to harmony and longevity.