Photos before and after weight loss

before and after weight loss

See what a wonderful transformation possible. How much you can change if you start to do it. At first I wanted to write: "If you want to do it," but the phrase "it will do" much more accurate.

It is subject to all. Talk about slow metabolism, heredity and so on – all reasons to do nothing – self-delusion and complacency. It's frustrating to admit that you can have a good figure, but do not have it my fault.

I want to note that your transformation can happen without excessive effort. It is not necessary to 7 workouts a week and always sit on a rigid diet. But exactly how to do it, this article will not be considered. Then just see what can be done in the end.

Let's start to consider examples.

The first photo you saw at the beginning is Eleanor Dobrynin. She is originally from Tiraspol (Moldova). When she was fat, her weight reached 110 pounds with not too tall. Now she moved to live in America.

Go ahead. This girl's name is Maria Ciria (Dokuchaev). She was born and lives in St. Petersburg. Look what happened after she took in my figure.

Pay attention to the face. Not only the figure, but the face was much prettier. I sometimes ask the question: "What exercises to do to remove the second chin?". To which I reply... Well, the answer will save for another time.

Went on. Be aware that changing the shape, and you change the person. Is it possible to lose weight, being already not very young? Obviously – you can.

before and after

Here are photos before he took his shape, and after. And you can also. Do not think that your case is special – don't be fooled.

Hope, self-confidence have increased. Good luck!