Corset slimming abdomen and sides. Trahit how to wear a corset for weight loss

Many girls dream to have a tight flat stomach, thin waist, slender silhouette decorum. Each achieves this goal differently: some adhere to different diets, visit the gym, and someone uses trahit corset. Find out what corset to reduce waist what are the types, what is its effect, how to wear this accessory.


How to choose a corset for your waist to lose weight

The usual corset – this fashionable women's clothing item that is only visually correct shape and weight loss not affected. Special trahit different from the decorative to the fact that perfectly provides ruga, burns excess fat. This effect is achieved thanks to a special tepidus saturation of the fabric of the corset, which increases blood circulation, causes warming up the body and sweating.

Online and lingerie store presents a wide variety of types of slimming underwear. Not to get lost in a huge variety to choose for themselves the best corset for waist reduction, use the following simple rules:

  • Pay attention to the fabric, the cut of the corset. The product for the correction is not worth buying at the photo, it is important to choose the linen soft to the touch, elastic material. All metal inserts should not tumor, pressure on the skin. To avoid skin irritation, select trahit corset 10-15 centimeters narrower than your waist.
  • Product width is determined by the line of closure of the boards. Before you buy a corset, try it on. Make sure that wearing your selected underwear for slimming the abdomen and back causes severe discomfort, pain. If the product is cut into the body, take a size up or choose another style.
  • When you select a corset with sauna effect, treated with a special mixture, be sure to check its ingredients whether causes impregnation skin irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Between narrow and wide corset-belt is recommended to give preference to the latter. In this case, all the fat folds on the skin are distributed evenly under the product will be with the same intensity to melt away.

The manufacturing of this accessory are engaged in many firms, here are some of them:

  • Slim Away. Belt suitable for everyday wear of women and men, they are invisible under clothing.
  • Rago. Products of this company are made from quality, soft to the touch material, absorbent, breathable.
  • Controlbody. Corsets are equipped with silicone inserts that do not have seams. Excellent sit on the figure, comfortable to wear.

Women's trahit

slimming corset

The slimming belt is used to smooth fat folds on the stomach, sides. In combination with exercise attenuante the product copes with shaping in the field of press. Choose an orthopedic belt corset for quick weight loss need no more than 3-5 cm of their waist, otherwise in heavy traffic, the product may be rolled. trahit corset belt are presented in different colors (white, cream, black).


Women's latex corsets for weight loss are very popular among American and European buyers. The product consists of three layers:

  • Outer – lycra. Does not allow the product to deform.
  • Medium – natural latex. Creates a sauna effect in which the removal of fluid from the fat folds. The result is noticeable after 1-2 months.
  • Internal – cotton. Provides a pleasant contact with the skin and comfortable wearing lingerie for the correction.

Sports corset

A fitness corset is made from stretchy latex rubber, which does not hinder movement while training in the gym and maintain proper form. The product should be selected by waist size, not recommended to wear long time. First corset for sport need to carry: zipper product on the first row of hooks and the first few days, wear it for 30 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 3-4 hours. When you understand that you are accustomed to the corset, go to the second row of hooks.

Vest corset

This wonderful model is not only struggling with excess fat, but also corrects posture, elongates, strengthens back muscles, straightens his shoulders, removes hanging skin folds in the underarms. Attenuante corset, the shirt adheres perfectly to the body and during movement is practically undisturbed. A popular firm that manufactures these products, is Hotex. Corset-tops Hotels are available in three versions: sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve.

Mens slimming belly

Though considered to be the corset part of women's wardrobe, but it is widely used and men. Men's attenuante corsets for getting rid of the beer aqualiculus produced in darker colours. In addition to burning fat, this brace has other positive effects on the body:

  • supports the spine and spinae muscle;
  • corrects posture;
  • helps with pain in the lower back;
  • promotes additional blood flow to the abdominal muscles.

How to wear a corset for weight loss

how to wear a corset

To get the expected result, you must follow the rules of the socks corsets:

  • Never hardly not noroute a corset and not tighten the straps. You should easily be able to move freely, sit, raise hands, lean in and breathe.
  • trahit corset under clothing recommended to wear no more than 5 hours a day. During menstruation it is better not to wear in General, not to put pressure on the uterus.
  • To sleep, to dance, to perform physical activities in a tightly obstringere corsage is impossible, as you risk damaging the internal organs.
  • To avoid irritation, dermatologists recommend to wear a corset on the delicate grace of cotton or silk.