Body wraps for weight loss, features, efficiency

The effectiveness of this cosmetic procedure is due to generated in the course of its implementation the greenhouse effect in problem areas. As a result, in these areas accelerates the processes of metabolism and blood circulation, allowing tissues to remove waste products, toxins and stagnant liquid.

The wrapping procedure is ideal for women who want to lose weight, but in sports they are too lazy or don't have ability or time. And this procedure allows to combine pleasant and useful: in the process you can relax and watch a movie, read, clean the house, and just lie down and listen to nice relaxing music.  wraps

It is important to remember that the wraps will give a positive result only with the right approach to conduct them. In addition, the laws of healthy lifestyles and healthy eating, and physical activity has not been canceled. Sitting on the couch and consuming without stopping everything in the fridge, not lose weight! Laziness in this case - not an assistant.

Rules that must be followed when carrying out body wraps for weight loss.

To achieve greater effect for the hour before and hour after the procedure it is better not to eat food and drink liquids. Next, you need to prepare the composition for wrapping. Options can be mass (honey, chocolate, oil, etc.), below I will give you the most effective. Every time you can experiment with compositions and further to give preference to the most efficient (in your case).

Like any other beauty procedure, wrapping should be carried out only on well cleaned and steamed the body. Taking a warm bath, using cleansing products (body scrub, peeling), it is necessary to treat problem areas of massage with a sponge and a scrub (you can use ready-made or homemade). Movements should be strong but not too weak to implement them is necessary in the direction of clockwise.

After treatment of the skin with a scrub, all you need is to wash and dry body with a soft towel. A prepared blend for wraps to distribute with circular motions on problem areas (thighs, hips, abdomen, buttocks). If there are people who will help you, the composition can be distributed throughout the body. Next, the sections should be wrapped in cling film. The process of wrapping has its own nuances. This should be done "spiral," moving from the bottom up. The tape should fit snugly to the body, but much to pull it is impossible. With the proper and correct execution of any of the negative feelings you feel. scrub

You can then put on a long Terry Bathrobe or warm clothes and do chores around the house, or just comfortably lie on the sofa and cover with a warm blanket. This item is particularly necessary to observe, because it creates additional heat, which accelerates the internal processes in the body, and then gradually approaches to weight reduction. The procedure lasts from an hour to eighty minutes.

After the specified time, the film must be removed, and the body pack wash off under a warm shower. At the conclusion of the session, the skin should be lubricated with cream or lotion for moisturizing or nourishing effect.

For maximum effect it is necessary to spend not less than fourteen procedures performed in a day. Then needed a little break in a month and a half. A properly conducted session wrap gives visible results from the first application.

The effectiveness of body wraps for weight loss.

This amazing procedure helps to speed up all of the regenerative and metabolic processes in the body. She copes with the cleansing of the skin, stimulates the excretion from the tissues of excess fluid and accumulated toxins, improving circulation. As a result, the procedure gives a good rejuvenating effect, improving firmness, tone and elasticity of skin, fights cellulite, it also relaxes and harmonizes the internal state of the organism.

Contraindications for the procedure.

If there are signs of illness (fever, dizziness, weakness), skin diseases or allergies to the ingredients of the composition from the body wraps for weight loss have to give up, in these cases they are strictly contraindicated. It is also impossible to carry out the procedure for pregnant women, in the case of varicose veins, cancer and gynecological diseases, and diseases of the kidney and heart disease. If the procedure has any uncomfortable feelings must cease, and the composition of the rinse.

Recipes body wraps for weight loss for home use.

alga alligata wrap is one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of figures. As a rule, an active substance used seaweed is laminaria or fucus beds (in powder form can be bought in any pharmacy). After this cosmetic procedure, skin regains tone, go puffiness, the appearance of cellulite become less noticeable. Audioslave

This kind of wrapping is both hot and cold ways. The cold method, the seaweed must be filled with water at a temperature of twenty degrees Celsius and allow to swell (about two to three hours), hot method, the water should be heated to 38 degrees Celsius sweat. 100 g of algae requires a liter of water. If algae powder, the packaging will indicate the proportion.

Clay body wrap leaves skin hydrated, removes excess fluid from the tissues and toxins and waste products. After the first treatment with cosmetic clay significantly reduced the volume of the body. Three tablespoons of clay powder (depending on the size of the treated area) is mixed with water at room temperature . Can be used in pure form, and can be enriched with essential oils to enhance the effect. Preference should be given to the blue clay, it effectively fights with orange peel.

Wrap is based on extracts of herbs effectively for weight loss. A good effect has chamomile, calendula, sage. You can also use green tea. The procedure makes skin moisturized, elastic and elastic, removes excess fluid, and thanks to its antioxidant properties, it has a rejuvenating effect. For the procedure, you must prepare an infusion of chamomile (recipe on package) or any other grass, moisten it a piece of cotton cloth and apply it to the problem area and top - plastic wrap. Then everything as usual. When you use green tea, you must take three tablespoons of (preferably leaf), carefully grind them and pour hot water to make a mixture resembling a thick porridge. Fifteen or twenty minutes into it, add a little oil of lemon or orange and can be used for other purposes. infusions of herbs

Wrap with essential oils is an excellent means of reducing the volume of the waist, besides fights cellulite. For the preparation of the composition should take 20 ml of olive oil (also suitable linseed, almond) and combine with lemon, lavender oils taken for four drops. The oils need a bit of heat (to 40 degrees) using a water bath.

Three tablespoons of liquid honey to mix with ten tablespoons of cocoa powder, add ten drops of essential oil of Mandarin. The finished composition applied to previously cleaned and steamed the body.

Honey wrap gives good results in losing weight. It accelerates the process of burning fat and stimulates metabolism. In addition, it perfectly removes excess fluid from the subcutaneous layer. To prepare the composition for the wraps should be slightly warmed in a water bath for three tablespoons of honey, which then add three drops of one of the essential oils of cypress, orange, lemon, rosemary, grapefruit.

Coffee wrap is prepared in the following manner: three tablespoons of natural ground coffee (not granules) pour warmed milk to obtain a thick mass. It and apply on problem areas, on top of the wrapping film.

Chocolate wrap is an effective means of combating and preventing excess weight.

After one session of such body wraps the skin is tightened, becomes smooth and pleasant Golden hue. In addition, the treatment stimulates circulation and smoothes the skin's surface. The sweetness and flavor of this procedure will make it your favorite. For the preparation of the composition need 200 grams of cocoa powder to dissolve in 0.5 liters of hot water. Warm to use for wraps.

For procedures good to use mustard.

Mustard powder (to take two or three tablespoons) combine with warm water (small amount). Then to the mixture add three tablespoons of liquid honey. Mustard will burn, should not be afraid. If you have an allergic reaction to honey or mustard, the procedure can not be done. To test guide this test: on my elbow (the inner part) apply a small amount of the mixture and wait about fifteen minutes. If you have any discomfort, redness, severe and intolerable pain, a lot of should be washed, and wraps data components to give.

And here's another recipe with mustard two tablespoons of mustard powder to combine with a half teaspoon of vinegar and same amount of salt, add two teaspoons of sugar. This composition is to introduce a small amount of water . The mixture stand in a warm place during the day. Then take three tablespoons of the prepared mix and add same amount of honey in liquid form. The composition can be used for wraps. After a week this procedure can be repeated.

Hot pepper is also widely used in weight loss because it activates metabolic processes and strengthens blood circulation. For the composition must be mixed freshly ground coffee, salt, black pepper, taken two teaspoons, add a teaspoon of red pepper. In the obtained dry weight to introduce vodka. The composition applied to problem areas, wrap with foil, sit under a blanket for twenty minutes, then immediately rinse, but the soap is not necessary. After the procedure the skin of the body to lubricate a nourishing cream. Hot pepper

You can apply this recipe for the wraps with the peppers: mix the ground cinnamon and red pepper (two teaspoons) and add to the mixture two drops of lemon or grapefruit oil. Note that this recipe is contraindicated for varicose veins, rosacea, and thin skin.

The systematic implementation of such wrapping procedures combined with a balanced diet and little exercise will give the most impressive results! Don't be lazy, everything is in your hands!