The essence of weight loss

the essence of weight loss

Most of the men and women who are overweight and seek to rectify their situation, will never be able to lose weight. Simply because they do not understand the essence of losing weight.

The Internet is infected with lots of advertising articles on the topic of "How to lose weight fast?" or "How to lose weight in 7 days with funds from my grandmother with the garden?". People tend to believe what is written, to believe in the "magic pill" that will help them to get rid of the problem without physical and psychological cost.

Before you believe a "pill", you need to understand what exactly is the essence of losing weight and why we lose weight or gain weight.

The essence of weight loss for each

The essence of the diet for all men and women – the balance between consumption and calorie expenditure. Over the life of the balance can shift into 3 different directions:

  • Calorie intake exceeds expenditure. In this case we gain weight. Example: a girl weighing 70 kgs is normal consumption 2300 calories per day. It consumes 2700 calories (average) and gaining weight. The average consumption exceeds the average cost. The girl is gradually getting fatter.
  • Calorie intake is roughly equal to the spending. In this case, the weight is in place. Example: at a rate of 2300 calories 2200-2400 girl consumes units of energy. Weight may vary slightly during the week or month, but in the long run remain the same 70 pounds.
  • Your calorie intake is less than expenditure. That was the crux of weight loss. At the rate of 2300 girl consumes 1800. Happens weight loss. Moreover, with such a deficit, the quickest possible weight loss.

Weight loss is about creating calorie deficit. If you create a calorie deficit, but weight loss is not started – you have not created a caloric deficit. Something was made a miscalculation. May have been incorrectly calculated rate for maintaining weight or calorie intake exceeded the figure that you calculated.

What you need to know about losing weight

According to statistics, about 90% losing weight people lowers the number of calories consumed. This is not a mistake but a delusion. People who regularly ate a lot, learned to derive much pleasure through the meal. In response to the consumption of delicious food releases hormones of happiness, which one should get out of the meal.

In this regard, people who lose weight, unconsciously underestimate their calorie intake.

The essence of weight loss we realized. Create a calorie deficit, keep it for the desired period of time, and enjoy the result. Now you need to understand the details that will expedite the process:

  • The body cannot lose weight too fast. No need to starve in hopes of instant results. During the hunger strike in the first place are losing muscle mass. Decreases the volume of the internal organs, the body loses water. Due to this, on the scales we see attractive figures. But it is necessary to return to your normal life as "fat" back. It's not fat back. He's not "left". The hunger strike is a way to lose muscle mass and can cause health issues (if longer than 24 hours). Proper weight loss is a calorie deficit at the amount of 300-700 units from the norm.
  • 30 pounds of fat that a person has gained over 30 years, will not go away in a week. No way. It's impossible. And a month wouldn't go. The optimal rate of weight loss – 2 pounds a week. The more weight, the higher the speed. A person who weighs 200 pounds, may be dissatisfied with the number "2". The optimal rate of weight loss of about 6 pounds in a week. But if you're a girl and your weight is only 60 pounds, then for getting rid of the extra 8 pounds will have to be patient. You don't have much fat to lose all 8 pounds in a week. The body slows down the process of getting rid of fatty tissue because in our evolutionary firmware is written: "weight Loss is a dangerous process which means that come the world hunger". A kilo or two a week is a great speed for such a girl. Look not only on the scales but in the mirror.
why isn't she getting fatter

Why she is eating but not getting fat?

"If everything is so simple, then why do I almost never eat and get fat, and my girlfriend eats junk food and looks like a skeleton? Where is the justice?! Where the essence of weight loss?".

The fact that her need for calories to maintain current weight exceeds your. Perhaps your friend has had a severe mental or physical work which burns calories. Most often we are talking about a fast metabolism due to which the rate of consumption of calories goes up.

Example: your weight is 70 kg. Due to a slow metabolism to maintain the weight loss needs only 2000 calories. The weight 55 pounds, but calorie needs to maintain these 55 pounds – 2,600. That's what gives the difference in the speed of metabolism.

Do not despair. Metabolism can be accelerated by:

  • Training. Regular aerobic and weight training can significantly increase the speed of metabolism.
  • Healthy way of life. The rejection of bad habits and endless sitting on the couch accelerates the metabolism and increases calorie expenditure.
  • Nutrition. Consumed the same amount of food smaller portions.

Over time, a slow metabolism into a fast. To maintain 70 kg now you will have to eat 2000 and 3200 calories. Happens weight loss.

The essence of weight loss in defining its norms of caloric content and create a deficit in energy consumption.

Everything else is either derived from this rule, or just not working.