This is the most effective diet for weight loss belly and sides

Effective diet for weight loss belly and sides

Women strive to improve their figure, so they start to follow different diets, trying to lose weight in my stomach area and sides. They are considered the most problematic in relation to the accumulation of additional body fat. Therefore, in order to be healthy and to have a slim figure, you need to follow the diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Choosing the wrong food

The first reason for the deposition of the extra folds at the hips, waist, stomach are harmful eating habits. Spicy, fatty, sweet, food, unbalanced nutrition, a hearty snack and meal at night not only contributes to excess fat on these places, but also slows down the process of material exchange.

So do not take:

  • candy, refined sugar, milk and white chocolate, biscuits, sweets with a high percentage of fat;
  • food with lots of butter and salt;
  • white bread, cakes, muffins, biscuits;
  • tea with sugar, coffee;
  • store-bought sauces, condiments;
  • foods with a high amount of soda;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • fat, fried food, fast food restaurants.

Reduce products with increased flatulence, because the stomach begins to swell and becomes even more. These include beans, grapes, cabbage, and apples.

Take the following foods that accelerate fat burning

Take the following foods that accelerate fat burning:

  • beef gives you the opportunity to from fat energy, helping to reduce bad cholesterol;
  • grapefruit is a low calorie fruit that is accelerating the exchange of real and burn fat, deducing from an organism of harmful substances and toxins;
  • nuts help to lose those extra pounds contribute to the decline in craving for sweets, you can add them to cereal in the amount of 5 – 7 pieces;
  • the cheese, in which linoleic acid is contained in large amounts, improves the digestive process of sugars;
  • green coffee, not been roasted;
  • chili is a spicy dressing that accelerates material exchange in the body;
  • avocado can be added to salads, as it lowers cholesterol and supports the figure in a healthy and slim;
  • green tea speeds up body fat burning, cleansing the body;
  • legume seeds contain a lot of fiber and cleanse intestines naturally;
  • cinnamon is a spice that contains large amounts of antioxidants, which accelerates material exchange and corrective sugar levels.

The lack of movement and physical activity

diet for weight loss belly and sides

An important role in the basis of most diets belongs to calorie deficit: more spending than accumulate. So, in 8 hours time or working at the computer, the body does not waste calories, and actively accumulating. Therefore, it is necessary to move and pay attention to physical exercise.

Pernicious habits

The most dangerous enemies to maintain a slender body and health are Smoking and alcohol. In addition to the negative effects of Smoking slows the body's metabolic processes, and alcohol contains lots of empty calories, which prevent the proper digestion of food. The appearance of the abdomen and fat folds contribute to lack of sleep, stressful lifestyle, regular stress, hormonal imbalance and bad posture.

The weekly menu for weight loss belly and sides

For BreakfastFor lunchFor lunchIn the afternoonFor dinner
Mon.Low-fat yogurt, fruit saladBanana, bread, a handful of raisinsBoiled chicken breast, tomato, brown riceBanana, orangeSalad, vegetables, yogurt
W.Oatmeal with berries or fruit, bread with jamWhole wheat bread, cheese, ApplePorridge of wheat with chicken gizzardsFruit saladMeat and vegetables, steamed
CP.Boiled eggs, low calorie bread, cucumber or sweet pepperBerries, orange, yogurtPorridge buckwheat with vegetable salad and mushroomsBread, yogurtFish boiled cucumbers, tomatoes
Thu.Fruit is optional, bran cerealFruit smoothieVegetable stew with beef boiledVegetable saladChicken breast, vegetables, roasted without oil
PT.Salad, vegetables, bread, cheese, tomatoA handful of dried fruit or nutsLenten vegetable soup, homemade cheesePeanuts, cashews or almondsSalad with olive oil and chicken pieces
SB.Curd, toast, fruitA light vegetable or fruit saladVegetable salad, chicken leg without skinLow-fat yogurt, AppleBaked fish, salad
Sun.Wholegrain bread, muesli with yoghurt, dried fruitsCottage cheese casserole (one serving)Fruit salad, cottage cheese with berriesCheese with crackersSalad of cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, potatoes.
<P4>Tips</P4> menus for weight loss
  • For a wasp waist take water on an empty stomach. Every day, in the morning, half an hour before meals drink a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon in it. Activates the intestines, accelerates material exchange.
  • Effective diet for weight loss belly and sides suggests smaller meals: little and often. Food eat every 3 hours, after the appearance of hunger. Little should be serving. Food take at least 20 minutes. In this case, the stomach narrows gradually, and each time asks for a small portion of food.
  • Eat not less than 400 g of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • Eat Breakfast daily, a preference for grains and cereals.
  • Harmful sweets substitute honey, dried fruit, nuts, low-fat yogurt.
  • Salads fill with vegetable oil (preferably olive) or vinegar Apple, but not the mayonnaise and sour cream.

Rather, we wish to get rid of fat and become slim again and healthy.