Recipes for weight loss every day

Diet is the most famous slimming method in the world. It lasts usually 3 to 7 days, and in rare cases up to 14 days. To withstand such an ordeal far from over. But you can lose weight without waiver of those or other products. Recipes for weight loss, based on the principles of good nutrition will not only help to keep weight under control, but to dump it without danger to health.

Recipes for weight loss every day

Diet food not only helps to reduce weight without harm, but also rejuvenates the body. Fat deposits will gradually disappear, and the mood is getting better and better. And let the pounds would go a little slower, but with proper nutrition they will not go back.


Stories about how people shed their extra weight in a matter of days – just legends. It takes time. Eating properly, you will slowly but surely get rid of excess weight.

Do not assume that meals for weight loss necessarily bad. After all, recipes for weight loss involve the use of foods which contain minimal amount of calories. But before you jump to this kind of power should understand that the number of calories consumed must be less than the amount consumed.

How to cook to lose weight?

Recipes for weight loss involve some limitations in their methods of preparation. Will have to give up fried food in the pan and deep fried. But there are many other ways of preparing of delicious dishes. Products can boil, steam, stew.

Meals for weight loss


Losing weight should increase your intake of:

  • grain;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • bean;
  • dairy products;
  • salads;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • dishes of seafood cuisine.

You are allowed no more than one teaspoon of salt per day. You don't have to give up sweets, but the amount should not exceed one serving per day.

Note. In the process of losing weight is one great rule: the more natural foods in your diet, the faster you lose weight.

The simplest recipes for weight loss

Lemon water and water with lime

Make it a rule to drink one glass of water with a slice of lime or lemon. This water not only cleanses the body but also accelerates the metabolism.

A decoction of oats

By using the decoction of oat flour, you can easily lose up to 3.5 kg in just 10 days. For the preparation of such tools for weight loss, you will need half Cup of oatmeal and half a litre of water (temperature not higher than room temperature). Mix water with flour and simmer on low heat for a couple of hours. Strain through cheesecloth, then grind the oats and placing it back. Boil for another thirty minutes and then allow to cool and add honey. Put drink in the fridge. To improve its taste, add the grapefruit juice.

Kefir cocktail

Add in a Cup of yogurt a pinch of cinnamon and a little red pepper. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Instantly accelerates metabolism.

Tomato soup

Two potatoes of medium size and 200 g of veal to boil in a liter of water. When the broth is cooked, add back the tomatoes (400 g) skinless. You can also add in the broth a small onion. Cook over low heat for 30 minutes.

Tomato soup

Squash soup

This is one of the simplest soup recipes for weight loss. Zucchini should be cut into small cubes, and then boil. When the zucchini will become soft, take a blender and grind them. Boil the soup for two minutes, and serve it on the table.

Cottage cheese casserole

Carefully stretch the curd (300 g) and add two tablespoons of semolina and the same amount of sugar, mix with raisins (1 tablespoon). Put the whole mass into the form, which should be previously oiled. Baking casseroles in the oven will require half an hour in the microwave – a little less than ten minutes.

Chicken fillet boiled

Take chicken meat (fillet), salt and spices (just to taste), one onion and half a carrot, a sprig of dill and a sprig of parsley. Fillet rinse and cover with water, leave over high heat until boiling, do not forget to remove the foam. Add to the pan the remaining ingredients and cook for another half hour. Leave to stand, covered for another 10 minutes.

About dairy products

For weight loss be sure to diversify your menu dairy products. In order to effectively drop those extra pounds, it is important every day to consume cheese, milk and yogurt.

Dairy products

How easy it is to go on a diet?

Many people start diets on Monday but, from the point of view of nutritionists, it is misleading. It is best to start eating healthy food on a Saturday or Sunday. Usually weekends are easier to adjust to a new diet. After all, you won't be distracted by work and other daily things. You will have a lot of free time to make the menu for the next 7 days. Do not plan the trip out of town and meeting friends.

Below this approximate menu for losing weight in three days.

Day 1.

  • Breakfast casserole with cottage cheese, orange, coffee (you can add cinnamon and milk)
  • Second Breakfast:low-fat cottage cheese and dried apricots
  • Lunch: soup of river fish, baked chicken, vegetable salad
  • Afternoon snack: crackers and two kiwi
  • Dinner: roast pork with vegetables, herbal tea

Day 2.

  • Breakfast:oatmeal, Apple, coffee (add milk)
  • Second Breakfast: yogurt and Apple
  • Lunch: fish cutlet steamed chicken soup
  • Snack: almond nuts (25 pieces)
  • Dinner: baked fish, light salad, vegetables, herbal tea

Day 3.

  • Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, vegetable salad, green tea
  • Second Breakfast: a cocktail of low-fat milk and bananas
  • Lunch: tomato soup, beet juice, buckwheat porridge with asparagus
  • Afternoon snack: small fat cottage cheese and handful of nuts
  • Dinner: chicken baked, grilled vegetables, tea, to which you can add mint and a slice of lemon

Note. Do not put the weight loss the main meaning of his life. Make nutrition an integral component.