10 conditions for weight loss

To get rid of annoying pounds little diet. Much more effective to change your lifestyle, drop bad habits that affect your health and make your life harmonious, and that all the events happening in it, you liked and brought only positive emotions and valuable experience.

conditions for weight loss

So, what is to be done to those who decided to get rid of extra pounds and related health problems, complexes and other unpleasant consequences of obesity? You have to remember the 10 conditions for weight loss and stick with them for a time, sufficient to a healthy lifestyle became a constant habit.

10 conditions for weight loss

  1. First we need to realize that the problem of excess weight you have, and the reason for the completeness is only your wrong way of life that you can change.

    If you think that the reason excess weight does not depend on you, as it is hidden in the genetic predisposition, certain diseases, external factors, environment, etc., you are mistaken. All these reasons are secondary, as and disease, and the imaginary heredity, and constant stress at work and at home – the result of a: poor lifestyle, which involves not only nutrition, sleep and physical activity, but relationships with others, your vision of the world and themselves in it.

    Understanding that a person is self-made, sickly and weak, allows one to realize that in his power to fix it, and the sooner you start, the more stunning the result will be.

  2. Next, you need to understand the real reasons that make you think about losing weight. If you are comfortable in the body, which weight is 80 kg with height 165 cm, you are full of strength and energy, you have no health problems, everything in life is possible, a loving family and good friends, drop the idea to lose weight just because being skinny is fashionable, and then enjoy life.

    If things are diametrically opposed, and the extra weight for you is a nuisance at least in one area of life, you need to take urgent measures. This period is important and you need to choose a stimulus that will allow you to persevere toward the goal and do not retreat under any circumstances. It can be self-esteem, health, respect for others, encouraging friends and other tangible and intangible phenomena for which you are willing to do a lot.

  3. The next step is to make short-term and long-term plan to achieve the goal. It is necessary to determine the value of the optimal weights which, in your opinion, will be comfortable for you, and limit the time allowed to achieve the goal of a few months, a year or two depending on the actual weight is a long term plan.

    Under short-term means an intermediate goal – the elimination of the first 5 kg in 10 days, etc. Following the "small" object should be determined only after reaching the previous one, given that the lose weight process is cyclical, and after the disappearance of the first pounds usually comes the period of stable weight when the load on the body remains the same, but visible changes occur.

    To get frustrated and give up in such cases is not necessary, because in such periods (and there can be few in the way of achieving purpose) the body simply adapts to the functioning in a more intensive mode at the new weight.

  4. conditions for weight loss sport
  5. Eliminate bad habits that bring the imaginary pleasure, consuming precious time and effort or harm your health. It can be not only Smoking and alcohol, but also a waste of time on unimportant and unnecessary things (watching excessive amounts of TV series, Internet addiction, etc.).
  6. Change your diet, eliminating harmful and high-calorie foods and make your diet only useful products that allow every day to provide the body with all the necessary elements: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, micro and macro, etc.

    For the correction of significant excess weight should follow a particular diet aimed at removing accumulated fats and prevent new ones. To choose the optimal power mode can be independently based on their own experience and knowledge gleaned from various sources, or with the assistance of a qualified nutritionist.

  7. Sports. Moderate exercise, a daily walk in the fresh air and active recreation significantly closer to the goal, and to restore good health and well-being. Most importantly, listen to how the body reacts to such exercise, and adjust activities to their implementation has brought only pleasure and eliminate the extra pounds.
  8. You need to help your body get rid of unnecessary weight by self-massage, taking showers, rubbing, applying scrubs, anti-cellulite creams and other medicines and procedures which activate the subcutaneous metabolism and eliminate years of accumulated "reserves" of fat.
  9. Set yourself on a positive perception of the world, philosophical approach to the solution of problems, understanding that the negative experience – too experience, allowing you to analyze your mistakes to prevent them in the future. Friendly attitude and ability to find pluses in any situation will allow you to become accentus-obsistens and morally strong person who will succeed in any field, including in matters of weight normalization.
  10. It is also important to learn to love your body, no matter how much it pounds, and know that in a few days it will look more beautiful, healthy and fit.
  11. To enjoy every reached goal and encourage yourself with a trip to the cinema, shopping, holiday in another city or country, etc.