Diet slimming belly: the harmony in a special plane!

Diet for weight loss belly includes not only restrictions in eating and drinking are favorable for weight loss products, but also regular physical activity. Alas, without fitness of a flat tummy can only dream of — no diet alone with this task can not cope.


Diet slimming belly: when we are about it remember?

The expression "a woman without a belly is like a wedding without a bride" often remember those who are trying to treat the "weak point" of the figure with a sense of humor. And indeed, annoyingly protruding point is on the physiological alibi: the fat in this area as well as on the buttocks and thighs appear for hormonal reasons, hard press women is not provided by nature (although, of course, if you want it you can get by pumping the muscles).

According to medical reports, the body of any of the fair sex contains 12 to 15% extra fat necessary for normal hormonal metabolism and functioning of reproductive organs.

But one thing — a delicious soft belly, and quite another — aesthetically questionable layers of fat cells which affect the appearance and self-esteem, and health. And the question of diet for weight loss belly (and often even just about any effective diet for weight loss) always occurs in such a situation.

The exact amount of fat in the body and especially its location can only show modern medical devices. However, the surplus is often visible to the naked eye, and belly fat can accumulate not only fat, but in General, slender people. Clearly protruding tummy with a total thinness — an occasion to reflect not only on strengthening the physical activity and the revision of the diet, but also about the visit to the doctor.

The deposits in the abdomen predictable leads a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, irregular and unhealthy diet with not enough fiber and protein and abundance of harmful and artificial products, sweets, fat and flour. All these factors lead to disruption of metabolic processes in the body and, consequently, to the deposition of adipose tissue in the abdomen, oblique muscles which from lack of load and excess temptations become sluggish and weak, and are unable to keep the tone. Here's the "have" and diet for weight loss belly!

In addition, don't forget about stress: the resulting mental and physical stress and fatigue hormone cortisol initially causes the body to gang up on sweets and harmful, and then to put products in store, freely placing reserves at the Central location. Increased production of cortisol and, consequently, a sharp change in the "front view" can talk about the Cushing's syndrome.

We, the women, another risk factor becomes pregnant, during which the muscles and skin are stretched, "opening the way" body fat. Alas, the same effect is abuse of a strict diet!

However, whatever caused the increase of fat, the situation can always be corrected for the better and "put the stomach in place" seriously asking this question. A good help will be diet for weight loss belly.

Different people, different fat...

"Chances" to get the belly fat due not only to the floor and the way of life and genetics: women with a figure of type "Apple" (male type obesity) should pay more attention to the waist area and adjacent areas than their more fortunate friends, "pears" (ginoidnii type obesity), which, thanks to the natural curves of the body, even explicitly extra pounds can be quite impressive.


And it's not just in appearance: because of the peculiarities of the structure of your body is "apples" are at increased risk of occurrence of coronary diseases, arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus and some types of cancer. So the question of loss diet belly in their cases becomes really vital.

Belly fat can be of different nature: shared by subcutaneous and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is usually easy comes and easy goes, quickly enough, "fearing" the improvement of nutrition and increase the frequency, duration and intensity of physical activity. The danger with the accumulation in the abdominal area is visceral fat.

Experts believe women should take care to diet for weight loss belly, as the volume of their waist is greater than 80 (slight increase), 82 (average growth) or 89 cm (high growth) centimeters. Waist measurement is greater than the volume of the thighs? Urgently to the clinic!

Visceral fat surrounds the internal organs located in the abdominal cavity, and abnormal growth usually indicates disease. Accumulated too, the visceral fat finds a propensity for provocation. Being literally riddled with blood vessels, it gets the ability to throw fatty acids directly into the bloodstream, which causes problems with the heart and blood vessels, deposition of harmful cholesterol and all the attendant "pleasures".

To get rid of excess visceral fat — the main goal of loss diet belly.

If I can lose weight "insulin belly"?

If you eat mostly fruits and vegetables, but the stomach does not become flat, then the explanation is rather simple - fitness this phenomenon is called "insulin belly".

When you at first sign of hunger take fruit (especially rich in sugar), your pancreas begins to work in emergency mode and release into the blood correlating with the real load of the body's insulin dose. This result contributes to an increase in fat on the abdomen and hips.

The most effective diet for weight loss in the abdomen with emission control insulin (and thus, as a consequence, and control the deposition of fat stores) — preparing your daily menu of foods with a low glycemic index (GI). It is possible to take care of diet, checking with the table, and as diet for weight loss belly to choose one of the meal plans based upon consideration of this indicator, for example, diet domestic doctor Kovalkova diet or Montignac.

Protein diet for weight loss belly

Protein — another loyal ally warrior, embarked on the thorny may struggle with the arrogant stomach. Protein not only has a great satiating capacity, but also slow to process, allowing you to avoid an insulin emission, which we discussed above. In addition, a diet high in protein, according to scientists, is one of the three diets, providing a long-lasting effect of weight loss.

In the case of weight loss belly protein diet also plays an important role, "supplier": as a purely gastronomic measures it is important to combine exercise and a regular adequate supply of protein is not allowed to dwindle existing muscles and provide building material for their strengthening and growth.


It is believed that the best Foundation for any protein diet (including slimming stomach) is a protein of animal origin. But vegetable proteins to neglect in any case it is impossible! They are easier and faster to digest and contain a lot of nutrients - minerals, vitamins etc...

Slimming belly gives good results chemical diet by Osama Hamdii. The peculiarity of this eating plan is that it was clinically developed for those who suffer from diabetic conditions (as you know, the growth of abdominal fat is one of the problems in diabetes). Balanced, rich in protein and poor in carbohydrate chemical diet was named because of its ability to "re-start" the metabolism, training it to expend fat reserves.

Express diet for weight loss belly

If the stomach to reduce quickly, you can use a five-day diet for quick weight loss stomach. Remember, however, that, giving quick effect, strict diet in the long term especially harmful to those who tend to accumulate fat in the most conspicuous place.

Breakfast (your choice on any day)

  • Cup (125 ml) low-fat plain yogurt + 1 orange
  • 200 g low-fat cottage cheese + grated Apple
  • brewed with dried apricots and prunes oatmeal (3 tablespoons cereal + 2-3 dried fruit)
  • 40 g grain cheese + ½ fresh sweet pepper
  • 1 boiled egg + a diet of dry bread

Snack (your choice on any of the days, but not more than once a day, and not earlier than 2 hours after the last meal, and not later than 2 hours before bedtime)

  • 2 apples
  • 3 tablespoons of fresh berries
  • 1 orange
  • 1 banana
  • ½ Paprika

Lunch (your choice on any day)

  • 200g grilled chicken + salad of fresh vegetables with a teaspoon of olive oil
  • 200 grams of lean fish steamed or boiled + steam or boiled vegetables
  • vegetable soup + 1 egg
  • vegetable soup + 50 g of cheese

Dinner (your choice on any day)

  • 100 gr of boiled beans + 100 g of boiled lean meat
  • 2 medium potatoes, cooked in jackets + salad of fresh vegetables
  • 1 boiled egg + 200 gr of boiled beans + 1 cucumber
  • 2 tomatoes + 1 cucumber + 200 g of boiled chicken meat without skin
  • 200 g stewed seafood.

Diet slimming belly: 6 Golden rules

To reduce fat in the abdomen, nutritionists recommend not to forget about the simple considerations which will help to consolidate the effect of diet slimming belly:

  • 1 smaller meals: eat 5-6 times a day small portions (but no more than 200 calories per serving)
  • 2 Control for a sufficient presence in the diet of protein, ideally the animal. Best choice — lean meat (beef or chicken), seafood (especially shrimp), it is also important that the menu was a regular cheese and chicken eggs.
  • 3 at Least once a day you must eat foods rich in fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. They can be found in marine fish, almonds, olive oil and Flaxseed oil. These substances help to "dissolve" the old fat, forcing the body activate special fat burning protein PPAR-alpha.
  • 4 don't avoid Breakfast cereal: cereals contain high-quality fiber to hold water, stimulating the digestion and absorption of food, intestinal motility and, most importantly, effectively fighting with the accumulation of gases and bloating. It is important to ensure that the cereal kept the shell that is represented either intact or not ground grain, or millet. Grits before cooking is recommended to be soaked overnight, to make the process action of enzymes released and activated nutrients.
  • Eat 5 a day 2 servings of fruits and vegetables: fiber will ensure the fullness of the stomach and satiety and the juicy pulp charge with vitamins and improve mood. However, with raw vegetables, there is a risk to overdo it: they are an increased amount of often causes flatulence.
  • 6 drink a Lot (at least 2 liters of plain carbonated water per day). Water is essential for hematopoiesis and formation of lymph, and the better these fluids, the better a metabolism and a conclusion of products of disintegration of cells. In addition, the liquid takes care of cleansing the bowel.

Diet slimming belly: down from the table, "blowing" products!

A diet for slimming the belly, avoid foods that cause increased wildness of life from microbes that inhabit the intestine, namely:

  • cabbage, apples, beans, whole milk, grapes;

And also:

  • products containing soda
  • foods containing TRANS-fats and hydrogenated fats
  • sweeteners
  • candy and soda
  • alcohol, particularly alcoholic beverages.

This list can be continued individually: if you want to diet for weight loss belly brought the best possible results, do not eat foods that make you feel heavy, swollen.

To train, not sparing the stomach

Diet for weight loss stomach will give better results if combined with firming muscle fitness. Even the simple but regular (daily) exercises can significantly reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome, a complex system of disorders of the body that occurs when the level of fat reserves approaching critical. Will have its effect, and aerobic exercise (including walking): when it is burned and the subcutaneous and visceral fat.

To keep the belly at home, sports trainers recommend available for each exercise:

  • classic twisting on both sides of the body, accompanied by a maximum retraction of the abdomen;
  • side twisting, combined with the exercise "Bicycle", performed on the floor — this exercise requires some effort, skill and coordination, but the most beneficial effect on oblique muscles;
  • the appearance of a flat stomach contributes to a combination of torsion Hoop with jumping rope under the "five minute wrap-five minutes of rope-repeat"

But pumping the press specialists in the creation of a body of the dreams is recommended not to abuse, especially when diet for weight loss belly, in their opinion, such exercises makes sense to do as often as three times a week and always in combination with the load to other muscles — otherwise the result will be significantly different from the expected, and not for the better.