5 effective exercises for weight loss at home

Until you invent a magic pill for losing weight, mankind will be in a constant fight against obesity: diets, exhausting workouts, fasting and other techniques are used to achieve the goal. In our article we describe the most effective exercises.

Actually reduce body fat it is possible not only in the gym or on the Playground, but also at home. This has created a lot of exercises that effectively struggle with weight.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope

When we were kids it was fun, fun for girls, with age, these loads are different. Jumping rope is a great cardio workout. It not only improves heart and blood vessels, and helps remove the extra pounds. An hour of training you will burn up to 650-750 kcal. That is, in 20 minutes you will lose 220-250 calories.

From the first day you will hardly be able to master more than 15 minutes of continuous jumps, you need to train your stamina gradually. But even a daily 10 minutes will not go in vain and you will see a small, but the results.

Program for endurance training in the first week may look like this:

1 week

  • Jumping The Rest
  • 1 minute, 30 seconds
  • Do 10 approaches in total, it was 10 minutes of continuous jumping.

Second week of training looks like this:

  • Jumping The Rest
  • 2 minutes, 30 seconds

Third week:

  • Jumping The Rest
  • 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • The second and third weeks do 5-10 approaches.

Fourth week:

  • Jumping The Rest
  • 5 minutes 30 seconds

After a month, move on to more intense exercises continuous jumping for 10-15 minutes. A total of bring the time up to 30-40 minutes 3 times a week. But don't forget that jumping rope is high-intensity exercise, which does not fit all.

Who should not use workout rope:

  • with a large overweight
  • with diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • with diseases of joints and spine
  • pregnant and nursing mothers.

Jumping rope vary in several types, here are the main 3:

  1. Standard jumping jacks
  2. Alternating hops on each foot separately.
  3. Running on the spot.

It is important to remember that this kind of exercise has a negative impact on knee joints and the spine. After the jump is landing on the ground, the entire strike force is in these parts of the human body. So important is proper technique, in which:

  • knees always slightly bent, do not need to straighten my legs, the movement sprung,
  • the back remains straight
  • press tense,
  • hands, elbows pressed against the body, moving only the hands,
  • there is a suitable Shoe that will soften the blow on the floor.

Exercise "Planck"


When performing this exercise involves all muscle groups. It is done in statics. Strengthening the core muscles that support the body in a vertical position. Due to the intense strain the abdominal muscles burn fat in this area, muscles come in tone, thereby protruding the abdomen is tightened and reduced in volume.

Technique exercises

The classic version runs thus:

  1. Lay a soft yoga Mat on the floor.
  2. Get on the floor, focusing on the elbows.
  3. The legs straighten with a focus on socks.
  4. It is important that the spine was perfectly smooth without any deflection in the lower back and a hump in the thoracic spine. This violation can lead to injury and pain.

To begin, try to hold this position for 30 seconds. At first glance it seems simple, but after a while you will feel the muscle tremors, but that is no reason to rest.

Do not put the bowl on the floor, try to survive as long as possible in this position. In the early times of 30 seconds and 3 approaches will suffice. Then increase the time to 1 minute until you be able to stand continuously for 5 minutes.

The plank exercise has several modifications. For example, the hands are straight, not bent at the elbows. Side plank is performed as follows: first you stand in the classic version, then slowly lift one of your hands and turn the body to the side, raising his hand up. The legs remain in position on the lateral surface of the foot. If desired, add movement in the side bar. To do this, raise and lower your pelvis without touching the floor.

To complicate classic plank lift one of the legs. Also add to this and lift one hand. Do this: raise your left leg and right hand (opposite each other). This will add to the burden, but do not forget about the technique. The body also stays in the same upright position without sagging and protrusion.

Exercise "bloom"

This exercise comes from cross-fencing. It is incredibly energy-consuming, and despite the seeming simplicity of not just helping fight against excess fat and brings your body from rest, accelerating the metabolism. The lack in the speed metabolism is a key moment in the tendency to be overweight.


  1. Bloom is performed from a standing position, feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Then accepted position of the squat, hands rest on the floor.
  3. Go jump in the push-up position, perform a push-up,
  4. next, jump into a sitting position,
  5. jumping up with outstretched arms.

Thus continuously working, perform each exercise for a minute. Rest between sets 1-1. 5 minutes. The ideal would be 5 sets.

Exercise chair

Exercise chair

The classic squats are detrimental to knee joints. To avoid this, invented a static exercise called the chair.

It performed similarly to the standard squatting, but without movement. That is, the body hangs in the sitting position on the chair. In a simplified version it runs against the wall. Back is firmly pressed to the wall from tip of head to lumbar. Feet located at such a distance that when the squat knees do not go beyond socks.

The legs are bent to 90 degrees.

This same exercise is performed without support on the wall. While the body leans forward at an angle of 45 degrees. The spine remains straight, your knees should also not go for the socks. This option is more complicated.

Worked out back muscles, abs and legs. Stay in this position for as long as I can, ignoring the shaking.

Exercise "The Hundred"

This exercise is named so for a reason. The main burden is on the abdominal muscles, and they are known to love a lot of repetition. Running "weaving" in the following way.

Lie on a Mat on your back. Arms along the body. Lift your head along with shoulder blades off the floor and stay in this position.

Raise your legs and bend at an angle slightly greater than 90 degrees, that is, the knees tend to face. Hands tear off the floor and make them swing at a small amplitude, hold them in extended position. Should get a springy motion in the air as if you were tapping on an invisible object. Do these lifts at least a hundred.


All these exercises make a workout program and exercise 3-5 times a week. It is important that the muscles have time to relax. And remember that training program is desirable to change at least 1 time in 3 months.